visual journal spread, I

 |  October 20, 2008

right half of journal spread

Judy had us create a bunch of different backgrounds in our journals to show us different technques that she uses in her visual journals. Throughout the whole day the room would be buzzing with chatter and laughter. However when she told us to open up one of our prepared backgrounds and paint a face smack dab in the middle of the two pages, the room went quiet. It was pretty funny. We all laughed when someone remarked that Judy had found a way to shut everyone up.

I have to admit that I haven’t painted a face in years. I’m trying to remember the last time I did so…I think it was a painting of my niece when she was maybe 2 years old. She just turned 9 last month. Yikes! And I really haven’t painted a free form face since I don’t know when. It was a lot of fun. I used to love painting and drawing faces. I will definitely have to get back into that at some point.

I already journaled on this page. I did that in Madison in a parking lot at the Original House of Pancakes. Noah had fallen asleep on the way to the restaurant and there was a wait for a table. So I stayed in the car with him while my husband and our friend we were visiting, waited for a table.

That’s the great thing about preparing your pages beforehand…you can pretty much journal anywhere whenever you get a chance. Just make sure to have a pen with you at all times!


  1. by LostLuggage on October 20, 2008  9:32 pm Reply

    Great face...I love how it is not flesh toned..nicely done :)

  2. by Shari on October 21, 2008  9:40 am Reply

    What a beautiful (half of a) face, Bridgette! And I love the colors & composition of the rest of the spread. Don't you adore Judy!?!? I'm sure you had so much fun... Thank you for sharing your experiences and work. Hugs, Shari

  3. by Kate on October 21, 2008  10:53 am Reply

    I found you via Judy Wise who I just love and hope to meet someday too. I love your description of how the class went quiet at the mention of a face. That scares so many people. Yours looks great. I really like your work.Now I need to go back to my copy of 1000 artist journal pages and look you up.


  4. by ginny on October 21, 2008  11:52 am Reply

    Lovely page and great face! I have enjoyed your blog for a long time and want to say that your photos are always great and your words even better. Thanks.

  5. by Carmen on October 21, 2008  1:25 pm Reply

    Love this page Bridgette!

  6. by Jeane on October 21, 2008  2:24 pm Reply

    Bridgette - aren't faces just so much fun?! - I love doing them - it's like doing a landscape - when I hit a dead spot in my art, I do faces! - it's my springboard!

  7. by tangled sky studio on October 21, 2008  2:59 pm Reply

    I especially like the printed text/babble coming from her mouth and the colors are rich and warm...the small patch of green at the edge is perfect.

  8. by celeste on October 21, 2008  10:12 pm Reply

    great pages (i believe i saw the whole spread on judy's blog). sweet photo of the two of you too.

    i'm taking one class with her at ArtFest and cannot wait. i love her journal pages and blog completely.


  9. by smith kaich jones on October 22, 2008  1:50 pm Reply

    As I've mentioned before, there is so little I understand about visual journaling - it just freezes me & I've never been able to do it. Therefore, I blog. But I swear on my upcoming birthday that I am going to try this. It makes me so happy to see your journal entries & journal entries of other artist & I just feel that it would be such an opening-up process. A lightening. I need this. It had never occurred to me to prepare pages beforehand. Insert big sigh here. I am really going to try. I will have to blog about this! LOL!

    :) Debi

  10. by Shayla on October 23, 2008  1:00 pm Reply

    I love both these journal pages (tommorow's too). There's something gritty and satisfyingly homemade about them. Refreshing- being we're so surrounded with computer/machine perfection.

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