visual journal spread, III


This is the last journal spread I have to share for now. I prepared more pages in Judy’s workshop, but they are still waiting for words or more arting up. This page has many many layers, including water soluble crayons (I think, I can’t remember!), acrylic paint, stamped images and designs, plus stencils, plus my hand….I am sure I am forgetting something. Now all that is left is to do some writing.

I think the main point of this spread is not to be afraid of layering and covering up what’s already there. It probably will look like a big mess in the beginning, but you can tie it all together in the end. I still have more of that to do on this spread.


  1. I’ve loved seeing your journal pages! Isn’t Judy just the best? She is a really great teacher…

    Thanks for showing us what you’ve been doing!

  2. I have a really hard time covering up things I like even though I know its what makes a strong collage. What is the ‘tying up’ process like for you? I struggle with it.

  3. Your journal pages are wonderful. So true how in the end they do look great…even thou there are times when you think…Gosh this looks terrible…just keep moving forward with it and surprise in the end : )

  4. Yes that’s fun. Make a big mess and then tie together in the end. I like the stamps you used. I can picture this page with writing on it. Awesome!

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