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During this past summer I saw that the very talented Susan Tuttle was going to offer an online workshop called “Visual Poetry” in which she was going to share her photoshop techniques to enhance your own photographs. I have always been in awe of her photos and jumped on the chance to learn from her. I have used Photoshop for years to edit my photos, but I knew that I was only using 1% of its capabilities. Probably less! I highly recommend this workshop if you have ever wondered about how to enhance your photos with all those mysterious Photoshop tools. You can work at your own pace, which was vital for me. And Susan created a great web site that includes written instructions as well as video tutorials.

Last night I finished the last of her 4-week lessons and wanted to share some of the photos that I created in her class. I have more over at my Flickr in my “Photos” Set.

week 1
Mendenhall glacier, Alaska, 2005
took this photo on a hike during our honeymoon

photo of tree taken in Illinois, 2009

week1 Vintage/Retro Technique 2
Poppy from my garden in Seattle

week 1, vintage/retro technique1 + rounded corners
me and noah (1 week old), 2007

week2 Diffused Light
Orcas Island, WA 2007

week 2
Assateague Island, Maryland 1994

week 3, black and white technique
Nature Center, Chicago, IL
October 2009

week 3, black and white technique
Noah, 5 months with Grandma
June 2007

week3, sepia technique
Nature Center
Chicago, IL, October 2009

week3, black and white technique

week3 black and white technique
noah, 7 months
august 2007
seattle, wa

week 4 Texture technique
photo of tree in Maryland I took in 2005 with Susan’s texture image of a book cover.

week 4 texture technique: faux Ttv shot

week 4 texture technique: faux Ttv shot
me, Orcas Island, WA

Here is a direct link to the workshop offered by Susan.


  1. these are marvelous as a collection!!! and I agree…it makes so much sense to learn how to use a bit more than the less than 1% that most of know!
    I was also so pleasantly surprised that we both visited Orcas Island in 2006…I spent the better partof the summer at Four Winds Camp as artist in res…such a paradise.

  2. That does it–I have to learn photoshop. Even then I don’t think I could produce such beautiful photographs. The one of the baby’s and grandmother’s hands took my breath away. Lovely, just lovely.

  3. Beautiful! I was so bummed that I missed the class, I intended to take it and somehow time just got away from me, but it’ll never happen again. She is so inspiring. Your photos are absolutely lovely.

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