voice of the wind

 |  December 6, 2007

voice of the wind, mixed media panel, 6×8 inches

I have been working on mixed media panels to be bound into journal covers. I am finding that I have missed this quite a bit. It’s very strange how differently I work if I’m presented with a canvas panel versus a stretched canvas versus a cradled wood panel. I don’t know the why or how of it. And I don’t know if I should just stick to one.


  1. by Linda Branch Dunn on December 6, 2007  6:31 pm Reply

    Came here via Joanie San Chirico's blog and am totally besotted. Will come back soon. Right now, back to blogger to send more people your way.

  2. by Tara Finlay on December 6, 2007  8:02 pm Reply

    Don't stick to just one. You are doing so incredibly well in all three!

  3. by thealteredpage on December 7, 2007  12:42 am Reply

    Bridgette: The image of this tree is so, so amazing. And the panel itself is definitely one of my favorites. Love that the word "trees" is revealing itself at the top too.

  4. by Anonymous on December 7, 2007  7:10 am Reply

    This is a beautiful piece. - erika

  5. by bridgette on December 7, 2007  12:45 pm Reply

    Thanks Linda for stopping by my blog and for the link! Glad to meet you. :)

    thanks Tara, seth and erika- I really appreciate your comments!

  6. by Anonymous on December 7, 2007  8:55 pm Reply

    Beautiful! It reminds me of home (Oregon). Deryn Mentock

  7. by Karen Hall on December 8, 2007  1:08 pm Reply

    I think it is simply beautiful
    Warm regards

  8. by donab on December 8, 2007  3:29 pm Reply

    What do the back panels of your books look like? Do you make them match, or continue the theme, or plain? I've always wondered. :)

  9. by bridgette on December 9, 2007  7:28 pm Reply

    Thanks deryn, karen and dona for your comments.

    Dona-the back panels of my journals are just painted with colors that go with the front cover. When I first started, I had collages on both the front and back...but now just the front!

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