watch over me

 |  May 29, 2008

watch over me, encaustic and collage
6×6 inches

"watch over me", encaustic and collage, 6×6 inches

There are a couple of crows that live in our yard. There is one in particular that was born in one the big fir trees in the corner. He was pushed out of the nest or fell out before he could fly and whenever we stepped outside into our yard, crows would start swooping around us, and calling the other crows to come and guard the baby in the bushes. There would be at least a dozen crows all lined up on the fence screaming at us, and screaming at our dog in particular. It was pretty aggravating, actually! I was afraid that our dog would get attacked everytime he went outside. We had to stand guard with a big broom whenever he did his business.

Luckily for us, the little guy figured out how to use his wings and got of the bush in a few days. But I swear, ever since then he follows us around the neighborhood on our walks and sits on the fence outside the kitchen window. I like to think that he’s keeping an eye on us.


The way our schedules worked out yesterday I got 2 hours in my studio late in the afternoon. Hooray for 2 hours! I was just going to run in and finish up with putting hardware on the backs and signing the backs. Busy work. But I couldn’t help it and turned on the wax. I finished this piece above. For some reason there are certain photos that I take that I get attached to and work it over and over again in my artwork. It’s fun to see how many different interpretations I can do of one image.

While I worked yesterday, I felt that hum of energy. I nodded to myself. This is why I paint, why I create. It’s not for anything else except for how I feel when I am in the process of laying paint down. My high school ceramic teacher told me that she saw a lot of joy in me with my art. I didn’t get it then, as high school was not the happiest time in the world for me. And I didn’t think my art I made back then was particularly joyful. But her comment stayed with me all these years. And she was right. My joy comes from the creative process. This is why I do it. And will always do it.


  1. by Carmen on May 30, 2008  10:02 am Reply

    Your last paragraph here is very inspiring. Isn't it amazing how one little comment can remain with us and inspire us over and over.

    I love the crow story and your little guardian crow!



  2. by Gina on May 30, 2008  7:37 pm Reply

    I like little crow along with the cooling colors and simple but powerful line work. I enjoy seeing birds and trees in your work. Aren't series fun? Pushing an idea until it stretches!

    Congratulations on being in the new encaustics book!

  3. by bridgette on May 30, 2008  11:54 pm Reply

    thank you carmen and gina.

    i can't seem to get away from birds and trees. I've been doing trees since...forever!

  4. by Tina on May 31, 2008  10:08 am Reply

    Great piece and I especially love the story. When I was a child we were moving from Alaska to NJ (ugh!). We saw ravens and crows at stops all across the country. My mother was certain they were following and protecting us in our travels.

  5. by blue sky dreaming on May 31, 2008  5:17 pm Reply

    As soon as possible I'm ordering the Embracing Encaustic book and looking forward to seeing your images in print. Congratulations. Best to you and your family on your upcoming move, it is a "big deal" and I hope it all goes well!
    Mary Ann

  6. by smith kaich jones on May 31, 2008  5:27 pm Reply

    I may be hormonal or something, but the crow story brought tears to my eyes. How wonderful! And what a great teacher - it IS funny how things like that stay with you. So often we only remember & hang onto the negatives we hear - it's nice to know the positives have just as much staying power.


  7. by rivergardenstudio on June 1, 2008  11:47 am Reply

    What a wonderful story. Nature is so important in our lives. I love how you embrace it! Your paintings are very moving and beautiful.

  8. by Roben-Marie on June 1, 2008  3:50 pm Reply

    This is beautiful, Bridgette! As always, I am very inspired! Have a great afternoon!! RM :)

  9. by Lindsay on June 3, 2008  9:33 pm Reply

    Best of luck moving. Hope everything goes smoothly for you.

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