water’s edge.day.15

My last entry for my aaad. 15 panels made since September 12. And so far I have bound 9 of them into journals. I have a few up on amanobooks right now.

water’s edge, mixed media, 6×8 inches
I took this photo my senior year in high school. I was camping on Assateague Island off the shores of Maryland. I still remember that morning clearly. Or rather the feeling of it. My friends were still sleeping in our tent while I stole away to take some photos on the beach that early and chilly morning.
For this piece, I scanned in the photo and printed it out onto a transparency. On another sheet of paper I printed the words:
And glued that behind the transparency. The writing in the upper left corner reads: remember that night when ran to the the edge of the water in the middle… Then I sewed it to a piece of cheesecloth.

Bound journal at amanobooks

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