wax on metal

 |  October 30, 2009

Jen Worden, Seth Apter, and I have been working on a collaborative project together this year. We took a bit of a break this summer, but we are back at it. I just received Jen’s metal book from Seth last week and am just floored by the pages that they both have added since I last had her book in my possession. I really shouldn’t call it a book anymore, since it’s not. Actually, it never was going to be a book. I believe Jen is going to string the metal “pages” together to create a sort of prayer flag. I’m not really sure…. I guess I will see when the project ends!

metal “page” for Jen Worden’s book

I actually created this page months ago, but didn’t like the photos I took of it before I mailed it back to Jen. So now, that I have it back, I got a better image of it this morning.

I wanted to experiment with putting wax on metal. I wasn’t sure it was going to work as metal isn’t what you call an absorptive material. But I chose a metal piece that had a lot of corrugation and rust. I thought that would help my cause. I added a polaroid transfer of a fern that I had created years ago. I felt that the transfer really would work well with the rust on the metal already. But I still wanted to add more texture. So I dug in my stash and found pieces of mica that someone had given to me back in 2006. I never knew what to do with them. Then I thought, well, wouldn’t it be neat to see what mica plus beeswax would do on top of the transfer? Well, here it is. I had to peel away a lot of the mica, as it needed to be very thin, so that the fern could still show through the mica + wax.

I used oil pastels on top of the wax to finish the piece. And added the string too. One of the reasons why I wanted to work with Jen and Seth is that I knew that I would be pushed to try new and different things. Use materials that I wasn’t very comfortable with. I knew Jen wouldn’t let me down! I have to do my next “page” and feeling a bit intimidated again. But excited too, as I know I will learn something new from the next experiment.


  1. by Margaret Ryall on October 30, 2009  11:50 am Reply

    This has such a strong organic feel to it. I particularly like the layers and the leaf. I've never worked wax on metal but this effect makes me want to try.

  2. by tangled sky studio on October 30, 2009  12:02 pm Reply

    wow...this combination is fantastic as the textures and colors complete one another and the fern gives it a "living" feel. i really like it bridgette and look forward to seeing the next challenge. thanks for sharing and inspiring!


  3. by Carmen on October 30, 2009  12:42 pm Reply

    This piece is incredible! I love it Bridgette.

  4. by Blue Sky Dreaming on October 30, 2009  1:16 pm Reply

    This is so beautiful...wonderful mix of materials. Amazing with the transfer of the fern...organic with metal! Bravo!

  5. by Wild Somerset Child on October 30, 2009  2:34 pm Reply

    Oh my golly - whatever you turn your hand to Bridgette is so perfect; and how marvellous to be able to experiment, feel nervous, and then be pleased with the result. Photographing it must have been tricky but it has come out so well. What was the metal originally?

  6. by Mary Buek on October 30, 2009  3:38 pm Reply

    This is just wonderful. I hope you three will post pictures of your art when the "books" are finished.

  7. by Genie on October 30, 2009  4:54 pm Reply

    Wow Bridgette,
    Love the colours and textures,
    Very inspiring as is all your work.
    Have a great weekend

  8. by Kelly Jeanette on October 30, 2009  6:04 pm Reply

    Wow, a great piece. Love the organic feel to it.

  9. by Ange on October 30, 2009  7:15 pm Reply

    It's a great stepping stone to your next page! What a delight to push our own boundaries... looking forward to seeing more...

  10. by Meri on October 30, 2009  7:32 pm Reply

    Stunning. I love the mystery of "what if!"

  11. by Poetic Artist on October 30, 2009  10:09 pm Reply

    I really like the color and texture. Wax and Metal>

  12. by Karin Bartimole on October 31, 2009  11:01 am Reply

    it's truly gorgeous Bridgette. i love the combo of materials - do you think you'll want to do more with metal now?!

  13. by Julie on October 31, 2009  1:49 pm Reply

    This is the best collaboration I have ever seen. Serious.

  14. by Studio Sylvia on November 1, 2009  4:14 am Reply

    What a great result. The mediums, hard & soft - such a paradox, yet so complementary to each other. I like it very much Brigitte.

  15. by Chris Gray on November 1, 2009  11:46 am Reply

    ..love the subtle colours here..

  16. by Evangeline on November 4, 2009  12:09 am Reply

    This is wonderful! Such an unexpected combination, the organic with the rusted metal -so cool!

  17. by Curio on November 4, 2009  9:33 am Reply

    being presented with different materials only helps stretch the creative spirit and there's no doubt about it, your spirit soared with this piece!

  18. by layers on November 5, 2009  1:22 am Reply

    looks like all your experimentation paid off-- wonderful textures

  19. by Seth on December 13, 2009  5:54 pm Reply

    How did I miss commenting on this the first time around? A really beauty Bridgette. So very atrong in person.

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