what brings my heart peace

 |  September 14, 2008

what brings my heart peace,
mixed media and encaustic, 6×6 inches

Sometimes I think that I am settling in ok in our new surroundings. And other times I feel rattled by the traffic, the streets, the not knowing where I am. I felt that way today going to the grocery store. And I felt mad the whole time while shopping, and of course I had to get a cart with one busted wheel which made everything worse.

But luckily I came home, put the ingredients that were to be made into dinner on the counter, climbed the stairs to my studio, and picked up where I left off on this piece. These are the things, these images that I have encased in wax, that bring peace to my heart.

“What brings my heart peace” was actually started months ago. I found another panel that I had prepared in Stephanie Lee’s plaster workshop. I thought that I had used them all up. This one was created using tape to create a grid before putting the plaster down. I finished the piece up using encaustics, transfers and oil paints.

I would like to start working much larger than I normally do. But I have so many small canvases and panels that I feel I should use up first. Procrastination or…?

Here is a detail of one of the little squares:



My most recent body of work has been up in Seattle, but was just taken down. They told me that they would love to show me again in the future. The show did really well and I’m so grateful to everyone who made it a success. Thank you!


  1. by Michelle on September 14, 2008  10:07 pm Reply

    VEry cool Bridgette!

  2. by Jeane on September 15, 2008  12:40 am Reply

    Hi Bridgette - I found you on one of my favorite blogs - Jo at Mystory - your work is just wonderful - I'll be back

  3. by Jo Wholohan on September 15, 2008  2:58 am Reply

    i just love this bridgette!!!! im doing stephs class here in australia in march :))

  4. by sukipoet on September 15, 2008  8:44 am Reply

    Lovely collage. Understand the anger that arises in a new place, finding new things etc as moved to live w/my mom in the boondocks of the northcountry and was angry for weeks that to even go shopping you have to drive for 45 minutes. Dentists same, dr. A year later and I am more at ease.

  5. by Carmen on September 15, 2008  9:28 am Reply

    Bridgette, this piece is incredible.

    Have a wonderful week.


  6. by Genie on September 15, 2008  12:21 pm Reply

    Lovely work Bridgette.

  7. by Gina on September 16, 2008  11:19 am Reply

    A lovely new piece, Bridgette. I am glad you could transfer your frustration into something beautiful. I often need to spill emotions onto paper and canvas, too. The good thing about your new place seems to be the studio is just upstairs, not across town.

  8. by machinarex on September 16, 2008  4:18 pm Reply

    Mmmm...yummy softness!
    I have a rather amusing picture of you walking through the grocers with a scowl on your face as the wheel wobbles wonkily awound.

    As for working larger, but using up your smaller canvases, what if you join them together into one larger piece...two birds with one stone?

  9. by smith kaich jones on September 16, 2008  7:02 pm Reply

    Oh. My. God. This is incredible.
    I have no other words.


  10. by Paula Scott on September 16, 2008  11:36 pm Reply

    YOU continue to inspire me.
    When I go through your blog I sit here and feel humbled. In a good way!
    Sigh...I cannot find the words.

  11. by San on September 18, 2008  12:50 pm Reply

    Bridgette, thank you for this glimpse through the window of your heart. Yes, those are calming things.

    I've lived in Santa Fe for fifteen years now, but when we moved out here from San Francisco, I would find much that annoyed me. Now it feels like home. So much so it brings my heart peace.

  12. by Susan Tuttle on September 18, 2008  1:36 pm Reply

    Hi Bridgette,
    Viewing your work is always such a feast for the senses and a very calming and soothing experience. I adore your work -- it speaks from the heart and to the heart.


  13. by tangled sky studio on September 18, 2008  9:19 pm Reply

    this is a lovely piece and the under layer of plaster is such an interesting technique. is the back of the piece plaster or wood?
    i convo'd you thru etsy earlier because your e-mail seemed to be down on your art site...do you check that account?


  14. by Origami Nightingale on September 19, 2008  2:25 pm Reply


    There is such depth in this piece. I think that is why I love your work so much; your art is full of emotion and depth of meaning.

    As for wanting to create larger pieces, I am with you on that one. Due to my small work space, I tend to create small pieces, but I also find that I am a bit intimidated by creating larger work...but I am also drawn to it. If you get any insight, let me know!


  15. by Paula on September 19, 2008  3:05 pm Reply

    I'm planning to attend one of Stephanie's workshops in October and I'm telling you, I can hardly wait.

    I simply love what you've created. I've been off in a very different direction and moving toward that moment in my creative life where a change in style is about to occur.

    Have you moved through different styles? I'd be interested in knowing what your evolution as an artist has been.

    Glad to have found you.

  16. by kate on September 20, 2008  10:35 pm Reply

    Your work is lovely and evocative. And this piece is so intimate with such soothing colours and textures. The most intriguing square to me is the one you show in detail. It looks like a precious object wrapped and protected in a bundle.

  17. by Erika Tysse on September 22, 2008  6:05 am Reply

    beautiful work as always! I have the same problem - having so many small canvases around, some unfinished, some new. I have made a vow to myself that I am going to get finished with all of these before I go out and buy more. It is actually working! I can see that my desk is slowly getting cleared off!

  18. by seth on September 22, 2008  11:05 pm Reply

    Great composition. It feels to me like I am looking out through a window pane...staring into the things that bring your heart peace!

  19. by Shayla on October 3, 2008  7:59 am Reply

    It always surprises me- how long it takes to settle in to a new place. Three months and there's a semblance of routine, but for the most part it takes a year to get over the shock and settle down. I've noticed that my friends have said the same and that the feelings can even be from 'little' moves as opposed to far away dramatic ones.

  20. by Dale on November 8, 2008  7:05 pm Reply

    oh bridgette, i am so very drawn to your piece here! I love the colours combined with the softness of the wax. I can almost smell it from here, it speaks to me so strongly. What beauty! Great job.

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