What Was Left of Scattered Belongings

encaustic mixed media painting, What Was Left of Scattered Belongings, by Bridgette Guerzon Mills
Bridgette Guerzon Mills | What Was Left of Scattered Belongings, encaustic mixed media, 20×16 inches, available in my online shop

When I was finally able to get back into the studio after summer break and the craziness that ensues when school starts back up, I had to gain my bearings. Get my head back on straight. Or at least my studio brain. I decided to take some of my older pieces and rework them. This is one of them. There was a lot of excavating and scraping and revealing of layers. And then I added one of my bowls. There’s something about my bowls that center me. It probably has to do with me associating centering a ball of clay on the wheel when I’ve thrown bowls.

Several of my bowl paintings have to do with rising above the fray, or finding calm in the midst of turmoil. This one followed the same path of meaning.

The title comes from one of my black out poems that I do in a vintage book I found at a used library book sale. I found that this exercise of using a black marker and crossing out words to make a poem is a way of centering myself as well. I find it pretty meditative actually and it’s surprising what ends up appearing.

p. 16, no. 11

remind me

what was left

among scattered belongings

of deep talks and walks

that, loving myself

was the outward and visible sign

of dignity

up to that moment

I had completely forgotten

so trivial a matter


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