When Time Is Vertical

When Time is Vertical
When Time Is Vertical
encaustic mixed media
11×14 inches

I think we tend to imagine time as being linear, from point A to point B. Always moving forward to the next moment, in a horizontal movement. I usually like to think of time as being cyclical, although to be honest I’m not much on thinking too philosophically about these things. It’s too hard to comprehend. But when I am in the forest, especially among the giant, towering fir trees in the Pacific Northwest, I can’t help but think of time as vertical. How long have those very same trees stood there? Ever present. In their own time. It takes my breath away and at the same time comforts me to think how insignificant we are. We are just a blip in the grand scheme of things.


    1. Thanks Sharmon. I get that same feeling of wonderful insignificance in the deserts of the southwest.

  1. Love this piece & your thoughts. I broke down and sent for the encaustic supplies to try. Cant wait till I get playing with wax. Your works are so wonderful.

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