|  November 8, 2005

Today I had a pile of journals waiting to be bound…but something has been pulling inside of me. Pulling me towards my brushes. So I pushed the pile to the side and brought my brushes out. I started some tiny oil paintings. Finished a project that has been waiting for me. And created this:

Whisper, mixed media, 6×8 inches

I took this photo in August when we were in Alaska. I belive this was taken on our hike in Juneau. When I first got my film back, I didn’t think the photo was very good. Very dark, too much white sky, and not very interesting. But there was still something about it that I liked. Today, I created a photo transfer with it which I like quite a bit.
The words say “a whisper still wants to be heard”
I added the button to the left side to act as a closure when it is bound as a journal. I will attach a cord to the back cover which will wrap around the button on the front.
The scan isn’t the best- it isn’t really as dark as the above image. There is more of a luminous quality in real life. oh well!
We all just want to be heard, whether we are screaming it out or speaking in the softest of voices. Even a whisper still wants to be heard.
Bound journal at amanobooks

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  1. by Joy Logan on August 13, 2007  4:23 pm Reply

    I love your words also. I have recently become aware of how few really read what you say on a blog before commenting.

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