Wild Tangle

Bridgette Guerzon Mills | Wild Tangle, encaustic, 24×18 inches

This painting was inspired by a photo I took one cold morning that I took my young dog for a walk in a park. Most of the park was very groomed and maintained, even in winter. But there was a meadowish part that they left untouched. And of course, I loved that spot. I took a photo and for years I wanted to do something with the image.

I had printed it out and used it in my journal in the past. But I really wanted to paint it because I loved the wild tangle along the path and the muted but rich earthy colors.

And of course, seed pods.

“Deep in the secret world of winter’s darkness, deep in the heart of the Earth, the scattered seed dreams of what it will accomplish, some warm day when its wild beauty has grown strong and wise.”
― Solstice

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