winter song

 |  March 8, 2006

Although it may seem to be dragging its feet, winter is slowly heading out. The crocus are in bloom and the tulip leaves are taking over. And I see little birds darting here and there in my front garden. Today it is gray and wet out. Big raindrops falling outside my window. But I can still hear the birdsong if I sit still and listen.

winter song, mixed media oil, 4×4 inches

Thanks for looking!

Wow, I’m nearing the end of my little 4×4’s! I think I have two more of these little canvases in the works left.


  1. by Amanda on March 19, 2006  3:41 pm Reply

    wow. I just found your website. Your work is great.

  2. by Deborah on March 21, 2006  1:39 pm Reply

    I notice this work is sold. I checked your website but didn't see any of your 4x4 artwork there. I'm lusting after one!!

  3. by bridgette on March 23, 2006  3:11 pm Reply

    Thanks Deborah! My 4x4s are in the mixed media category But they are all sold now. I have a few more that I am working on right now!

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