winter’s end

 |  June 12, 2007

winters end
winter’s end, encaustic, 3×5 inches

Today I wanted to take it easy, clean up, organize around the house. Get things in order, etc. In the afternoon, I went to my studio just to clean up. I had images I wanted to organize, canvases that needed to be put away, paint that needed to be wiped off the floor as much as possible…But then I saw this tiny clayboard sitting on my table and I ended up making this little piece.

I still need to clean up though. I can do it tomorrow…


  1. by Leah on June 12, 2007  9:13 am Reply

    ah, it's beautiful, bridgette!

  2. by Angela Rockett on June 12, 2007  11:22 am Reply

    Beautiful. So glad you put off the cleaning. :)

  3. by katie on June 12, 2007  8:40 pm Reply

    what a lovely piece bri...i'm glad you waited to clean up until tomorrow.

  4. by Raine K on June 19, 2007  12:00 am Reply

    Hi Bri,
    Just checking to make sure you're ok! It's been quiet from your corner of the world.

  5. by Marie on June 20, 2007  9:04 am Reply

    Very lovely ..your trees always amaze me.

  6. by Anonymous on June 20, 2007  10:47 am Reply

    This is a beautiful piece!I love all of your pieces. I wish I could take a lesson or two from you!

    Beth M in Cali :)

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