wish you were here

 |  September 8, 2008

wish you were here
wish you were here,
6×8 inches, mixed media

My recent pieces seem to have a theme, don’t they? You can tell what’s on my mind. This tree was on our walk along the Puget Sound a few blocks from our house.

Missing Seattle….

The actual words read: how i wish you were here

This piece was created using plaster and wax. I think it was my last prepped plaster board that I made in Stephanie Lee’s plaster workshop earlier this year.


  1. by Michelle on September 8, 2008  12:51 pm Reply

    Ah, that tightrope, new place=excitement and adventure, old place=knowing and security....how to walk it without tipping over at times!

  2. by Raine K on September 8, 2008  12:54 pm Reply

    Great piece! The colors are soooo Seattle. I'm actually excited to see how your work changes as you explore and re-discover Chicago.

  3. by Angela Rockett on September 8, 2008  1:48 pm Reply

    Wish you were here too!

    Lovely piece, as always, Bridgette.

  4. by artbeth67 on September 9, 2008  1:16 am Reply

    Fabulous work, AS ALWAYS! Your work amazes me! :)

  5. by Tina on September 9, 2008  1:16 am Reply

    Sometimes where you are includes your heart being elsewhere. I love seeing how this is being expressed in your work.

    P.S. I've nominated you for the Brillant Premio Award on my blog. I know you've already done it so don't bother with it again. I just wanted you to know how much I enjoy reading and seeing your work.

  6. by Stephanie Lee on September 9, 2008  11:47 am Reply

    As always, beautiful work and words, girlie! LOVE how you make that plaster come to life!!

  7. by Jenni Horne on September 9, 2008  8:41 pm Reply

    Oooo... that plaster technique sounds fun. I'll have to check into it. Love the way the fence shows so many layers of color.

  8. by seth on September 12, 2008  10:31 pm Reply

    Another beautiful tree. And there is so much texture in that plaster. Great piece!

  9. by Cheryl on September 14, 2008  7:27 am Reply

    This one is wonderful - are you planning on selling it? Let me know if you are. :-)

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