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 |  August 16, 2007

This photo was taken with my cellphone camera as I didn’t have my digital on me. And I wanted to submit it for Inspire Me Thursday even if it is a day late and the painting isn’t quite done yet. But the topic of DNA is what inspired the ladder in this piece. I usually think of DNA as a chain, which I then simplified into a ladder for the painting. The link between generations. What makes us so.


Still needs some work. But it is my first painting made in my new studio. I just moved into a new studio in Ballard. A small, very small studio. But a big, very big step for me. I won’t be able to go to my studio everyday, obviously. But we have worked it out so that I can go for a chunk of hours 2-3 days a week while my husband takes care of our little guy. No distractions. Just me, an easel, canvas, and paint. We do that now with my studio at home. But it is hard for me at times to stay put in my studio! I’ve been working from home for five years now, so this is a big change for me.

Eventually we are thinking of turning the garage into a possible studio space for me. We’ll see how leasing this studio will go. I may be able to participate in the monthly art walks that occur in this neighborhood, which would be great.

I’m a little nervous about this, but excited too at the same time.


  1. by Angela Rockett on August 16, 2007  11:51 pm Reply

    Congratulations, Bridgette! Having a studio space just for you and your arts is so wonderful.

    And so is the painting. :)

  2. by Pattie Mosca on August 17, 2007  12:58 am Reply

    What a wonderful beginning..both the painting and the creative space!

  3. by Julia on August 17, 2007  2:54 am Reply

    Congrats with your studio! a place for yourself ! Great piece of art !!

  4. by Glenda on August 17, 2007  8:38 am Reply

    Congratulations on your "own" space. Best of luck. Great work.

  5. by cheryl on August 19, 2007  9:29 pm Reply

    How EXCITING! I know how working at home can be very distracting. Especially with little people running around. Love the painting. Of course. :)

  6. by Tricia Scott on August 19, 2007  10:08 pm Reply

    yay bridgette!!!! what a wonderful brave step you are taking. i am so happy for you to have this time just for your artwork and a space all for you. being at home means so many distractions. i am always thinking of other things that need doing like laundry and dishes.
    please keep us informed as to how this change feels. if making art is different there. i am so curious. :)
    a big hug to you!

  7. by donab on August 30, 2007  10:23 am Reply

    How great to make that commitment to your work by making a space for it. Ballard has such good creative energy, too. Congratulations!

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