You Are No Stranger Here

Bridgette Guerzon Mills | You Are No Stranger Here, encaustic mixed media, 24×24 inches

I have been revisiting some older pieces and reworking them. Although with this particular one, I don’t think I ever thought it was done. Now it is, and I have to say it makes me happy. I live with some of my paintings before I send them out to shows or wherever and I wanted to do so with this one. I put it on the wall at the end of a hallway that face my bedroom door, so I see it every time I leave my room. And it makes me happy.

The title comes from a quote I ran across that I really like. My temperament is such that I always sort of feel like a stranger wherever I am. But I do feel pretty content when I’m out in the woods, under the treetops, breathing in that earthy air.

“You did not come into this world, you came out of it. You are no stranger here.” – Alan Watts

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