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Overall I had a good time at artfest. It can be a bit overwhelming. A little like art boot camp where it’s like”1-2-3-CREATE!!! and drop and give me 50 push-ups”. It is hard for me too to just make something in a classroom without all my tools and paints and brushes. I work alone so much that it kind of throws me off. But it’s good to be around that creative energy. And I enjoyed my workshops and it was so nice to meet up with people I had met last year and to meet with new people that I have gotten to know online this past year. The internet is such an interesting creature. Quick rundown:

::Saw Diane Moore for the first time whizzing by with her hair flying back in the wind like a wild woman on her scooter on the first night. Luckily she was down the hall from me and I got to talk to her a lot.
::Scared the living daylights out of Amber of Queen of Tarts when I screamed her name across a busy road from the safeway parking lot. I still laugh when I remember the look on her face! I helped her out at vendor night and sold lots of cool items for collage like bunny head stickers, old books, playing cards, flower things, and hand dyed ribbon.
::Got to sit with Tara Finlay and Melissa McCobb Hubbell in l.k.ludwig’s class while we worked on our tales from the woods. Melissa and I were both having problems with the techniques but it was really such a great class.
::Had lunch with Celine Navarro and sat on the curb talking together. I wish I could have spent time with her-but I am glad that I snatched that moment.

me and celine

::Talked with Deb the first night at the kick off meeting. I wish I could have hung with deb more though and talk about books. Her metal journals are so cool.
::Finally met Gerri too who also makes the amazing handmade books on thursday morning before Thomas Wynn’s photography workshop.
::Bought a beautiful necklace from Jane Wynn on vendor night.
::Briefly met Katie Kendrick at vendor night. That was so nice to finally meet her too even though it was so quick! But enough time to give her a quick hug over the vending table.
::And I met the wonderful Cynjon and Lisa the first night at the art asylum which was awesome since I ran into both of them often throughout the week. And I got a really cool matchbox trade from cynjon and a beautiful flower pin from lisa. Also at art asylum I finally met in person,Bernie Berlin, who in addition to being an artist also does amazing work rescuing animals.
::And I briefly met Amy Peacock too since we were in the same dorm.
I look so horribly tired in these pictures…and I was! I think I am still recovering. I can’t wait to get back into the studio now and get back to work.

cynjon and me in the commons

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  1. it was so nice to get to meet you bri – you’re just as beautiful as your artwork! I missed attending this year but am hopeful it will work out for me to go next year. What fun seeing all the artfest photos you all are posting!

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