beyond time

 |  January 4, 2010

“No one else but you can make your marks. Listen to your bones. Speak with your spirit. Edit with your head. Live with your heart.” ~S.Holland

beyond time
encaustic and mixed media
9×12 inches

I came across the above quote from a tweet by Deborah Colter and just loved it. Part of it is that it speaks to what I have been trying to follow this past year and what I will continue to follow in 2010.

This painting has been through many transformations. I actually painted an oil and mixed media painting on the wood back in 2007. I think in 2008 I covered the painting in clear encaustic medium. And then I kind of left it alone. I came back to it in late 2009 when I was going through old paintings and canvases that I wanted to either repaint or finally use. And I began painting it, little by little with encaustics. Letting it develop organically, not rushing it, not really sure where I wanted it to go. Wanting to maintain some of the old bones of the oil painting beneath the wax. (It actually used to be a horizontal landscape painting!)

I finished it last week, my actual first painting created in 2010.


  1. by Lisa on January 10, 2010  6:13 pm Reply

    It's fantastic! I really like it : )

  2. by Lost Aussie on January 10, 2010  8:11 pm Reply

    It's evolution is wonderful! A beautiful piece.

  3. by merci33 on January 10, 2010  9:06 pm Reply

    a wonderful piece to start the new year...the twitter quote is a keeper...thanks!

  4. by bridgette on January 10, 2010  9:24 pm Reply

    Thanks you all- glad you like the quote too.

  5. by Lumilyon on January 11, 2010  9:36 am Reply

    some things just take their own time don't they? This is a beautiful start to the new year and I love the quote

  6. by sukipoet on January 11, 2010  11:37 am Reply

    beautiful. rich with all the layers and time. I wonder who S. Holland is/was.

  7. by Judy Wise on January 11, 2010  3:24 pm Reply

    I love your painting. And the fact that it took time to arrive. Glad you held on and kept working it; there's a lesson in that.

  8. by Curio on January 11, 2010  7:45 pm Reply

    If this piece is an indicator of what you will create in 2010, I think you're going to have a marvelous year!

  9. by Julie Jordan Scott on January 12, 2010  2:29 pm Reply

    Oh, this is beautiful... from the opening quote to the painting... and reading of your process. Beautiful from start to finish.

    My redundancy is annoying me....

    I wonder what "S. Holland"'s first name is, do you know?

  10. by bridgette on January 12, 2010  5:05 pm Reply

    Thanks everyone for your comments! I don't know who S Holland is/was. I want to find out though too.

  11. by Deborah T. Colter on January 14, 2010  5:58 pm Reply

    Isn't that a great quote? I am glad it was an inspiration to you! The piece looks great! The author of the quote is Susan Holland and I found her quotes on Robert Genn's website: The Painter's Keys Resource of Art Quotations: which, by the way, is filled with many wonderful quotes. I do not have any more information on who Susan is, maybe Robert Genn's site would have that answer?

  12. by Leslie Avon Miller on January 16, 2010  1:34 am Reply

    No one else but you can make your marks - I love that! I find all your mark making in Beyond Time to be oh so very intriguing. I love looking closer and still finding new things in a painting.

  13. by Sharmon Davidson on January 16, 2010  10:05 am Reply

    This is a truly beautiful piece. It does speak to me of time, and seems to have a very personal quality... a window into the person who created it, is the best way I could put it. I love the quote, too!

  14. by Marlene on January 16, 2010  6:10 pm Reply

    Just wanted to say that I love your work! I don'r even know how I ended up here at your blog, but I'm glad I did!
    I am an artist too, and do mainly collagework. Check it out if you like!
    Have a lovely weekend!

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