burnt umber dreams

Speaking of dreams, the other night I had a dream that I was painting on these huge canvases. It was a great dream. I have had other dreams where I’m painting and it actually helps me make progress on a painting that I was working on. I wish I had more of those!

In this dream all I can remember was burnt umber. And golden tones of ochre. But mostly splashes of burnt umber. I wish I could remember more. The minute I woke up I tried to recall what I was painting, but all I could remember was burnt umber. Very strange.

Anyway, so I started on some paintings with burnt umber this week. Here is a detail shot of a much larger canvas.

detail of a work in progress


  1. As ever – YES AND YES AND YES, such beautiful colours – and may I cheekily ask, are the trees painted or a photographic image transfer. If painted, that is even more amazing. I love the way you dream colour; I have recurring dreams, of being alone and lost somewhere, or drowning! (P.S. when we focus on a colour, do we choose the colour of the season, or of place, or to suit our mood?)

  2. Thanks Julie- you should do it! There must be a reason why the colors are popping up in our dreams.

    Thanks Jeane- me too. I always have burnt umber on my palette.

    There are no photo transfers on this detail of the painting. And no trees! 🙂 But I love that that is what you saw. Interesting…

  3. That is amazing. For the most part i can’t remember my dreams until later on the day when i have a dejavu moment – LOL

    BTW, i love your burnt umber.. it’s WONDERFUL.. I love that color.

  4. Oh yes, those kind of dreams are wonderful. Much better than the dreams I used to have when I was an income tax preparer, hah.

    I like the scruffy texture of your burnt umber and the little glimpse of gentle blue in contrast.

  5. I have also had dreams in which I was creating. Not sure what the dream painting looked like but this detail is so strong and deep. Loving it!

  6. Your work is so inspiring. I’m honored that you stopped by my blog. Thanks for leaving such words of encouragement and advice. I will be looking forward to trying my hand with the oil sticks!

  7. I have always been fond of burnt umber and this kind of color palette. I’ve dreamed of this too but never thought to take action. Besides, I would forget by the time I got around to it.
    Beautiful indeed!

  8. ah, beautiful! I’ve had some painting dreams too…sometimes the dream painting is nothing like my real work at all, which is kind of intriguing–like another whole realm of possibility. I also try to grasp at whatever it was as soon as I wake up, but most often it’s gone except for some fragment or tantalizing scrap of idea.

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