burnt umber dreams

 |  February 20, 2009

Speaking of dreams, the other night I had a dream that I was painting on these huge canvases. It was a great dream. I have had other dreams where I’m painting and it actually helps me make progress on a painting that I was working on. I wish I had more of those!

In this dream all I can remember was burnt umber. And golden tones of ochre. But mostly splashes of burnt umber. I wish I could remember more. The minute I woke up I tried to recall what I was painting, but all I could remember was burnt umber. Very strange.

Anyway, so I started on some paintings with burnt umber this week. Here is a detail shot of a much larger canvas.

detail of a work in progress


  1. by LostLuggage on February 20, 2009  1:29 pm Reply

    I love color dreams...I have them a lot too...but I never follow through. This is really beautiful!

  2. by Jeane on February 20, 2009  1:36 pm Reply

    beautiful - burnt umber is one of my fav colors

  3. by Wild Somerset Child on February 20, 2009  2:29 pm Reply

    As ever - YES AND YES AND YES, such beautiful colours - and may I cheekily ask, are the trees painted or a photographic image transfer. If painted, that is even more amazing. I love the way you dream colour; I have recurring dreams, of being alone and lost somewhere, or drowning! (P.S. when we focus on a colour, do we choose the colour of the season, or of place, or to suit our mood?)

  4. by bridgette on February 20, 2009  2:39 pm Reply

    Thanks Julie- you should do it! There must be a reason why the colors are popping up in our dreams.

    Thanks Jeane- me too. I always have burnt umber on my palette.

    There are no photo transfers on this detail of the painting. And no trees! :) But I love that that is what you saw. Interesting...

  5. by Carmen on February 20, 2009  3:04 pm Reply

    This is great... I can't wait to see more of it. Your work is so inspiring to me Bridgette.


  6. by Taffy on February 20, 2009  6:17 pm Reply

    That is amazing. For the most part i can't remember my dreams until later on the day when i have a dejavu moment - LOL

    BTW, i love your burnt umber.. it's WONDERFUL.. I love that color.

  7. by smith kaich jones on February 20, 2009  7:50 pm Reply

    Bridgette - This is gorgeous, even just this little peek. The stuff that dreams are made of.

    :) Debi

  8. by JonesMoore on February 20, 2009  8:09 pm Reply

    It's gorgeous even at this stage. +Love seeing your work in progress! Must be the week for earth tones...I'm working with amber shellac at the moment.

  9. by tangled sky studio on February 21, 2009  12:18 am Reply

    the bit of blue near the burnt umber really sets it off...can't wait to see the whole painting (is it oil?)

  10. by Shayla on February 21, 2009  10:57 am Reply

    Oh yes, those kind of dreams are wonderful. Much better than the dreams I used to have when I was an income tax preparer, hah.

    I like the scruffy texture of your burnt umber and the little glimpse of gentle blue in contrast.

  11. by Seth on February 21, 2009  2:40 pm Reply

    I have also had dreams in which I was creating. Not sure what the dream painting looked like but this detail is so strong and deep. Loving it!

  12. by Crystal on February 23, 2009  7:32 pm Reply

    Your work is so inspiring. I'm honored that you stopped by my blog. Thanks for leaving such words of encouragement and advice. I will be looking forward to trying my hand with the oil sticks!

  13. by miz katie on February 25, 2009  9:23 am Reply

    oh, i love having dreams about painting. it's always so peaceful, and makes me feel whole.

  14. by rivergardenstudio on February 25, 2009  2:57 pm Reply

    I love his color too, yesterday I realized I was missing my tube of burnt umber. Lovely work in progress. And I agree, dreams about painting are incredible...

  15. by jennifer lorton on February 25, 2009  10:10 pm Reply

    This is really beautiful. I like it just the way it is, but I look forward to seeing how it progresses. Burnt Umber is such a rich and sophisticated color, one of my favorites.

  16. by Paula Scott on February 27, 2009  12:33 am Reply

    I have always been fond of burnt umber and this kind of color palette. I've dreamed of this too but never thought to take action. Besides, I would forget by the time I got around to it.
    Beautiful indeed!

  17. by Rebecca Crowell on February 27, 2009  10:31 pm Reply

    ah, beautiful! I've had some painting dreams too...sometimes the dream painting is nothing like my real work at all, which is kind of intriguing--like another whole realm of possibility. I also try to grasp at whatever it was as soon as I wake up, but most often it's gone except for some fragment or tantalizing scrap of idea.

  18. by Linda Branch Dunn on February 28, 2009  9:41 am Reply

    Just found your blog through Karen Bettencourt. Very inspiring work. Thank you.

  19. by Leah on March 1, 2009  5:00 pm Reply

    I love dreams like that too. I just mentioned your amano books blog on CED yesterday!

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