By the Water’s Edge

Bridgette Guerzon Mills | By the Water’s Edge, 6×9 inches on coldpress watercolor paper

There’s a wonderful podcast that I listen to called Beyond the Studio where two artists talk about a lot of the behind the scenes type of talk that goes on..beyond the studio. I like it because they talk about the reality of it, the actual day to day. I always very much appreciate real talk. Anyway, I follow both of them on Instagram, and Amanda Adams put up a January challenge using the hashtag of #drawstuffwithclosecall. I decided to join in. And I am currently a day behind, but it’s all good. I used to be so uptight about these challenges…but now I’m just like, I’ll get to it, who cares. But at the same time, I do try to do it and keep up because that is the point.

The point for me is to actually create everyday and possibly do things that I wouldn’t do, or things that I want to do but that I procrastinate on because of all the other things that need to get done. And also to allow myself a space to create things just to create, to practice, to process. Some of these I actually don’t necessarily want to share on my IG feed because they’re not the best! But at the same time, I will share anyway as it’s all part of my practice. When I was in college my dorm room freshman year was right next to the practice building for the School of Music. I would hear these amazingingly talented musicians and voice majors showing up at all hours to do their scales. Over and over and over again. Admittedly sometimes I wanted to yell-SHUT UP already!! But at the same time, it showed me that people who are dedicated to their art, show up and practice. Every. Day. Over. And. Over.

I actually really like how this gouache landscape study above turned out. I feel like I can say that because I had my serious doubts about it for the majority of the time while working on it. I did it at night, while watching a show on Hulu. I found that my split attention was actually really great for this painting because I just kind of kept going, for a long time. I could have stopped much earlier, but because I was watching this show, I just kept on and let go of any expectation….and then I actually started liking what was happening, especially in the foreground of where all the grasses were. When I look at it, it reminds me of the time I spent on the paper getting lost in painting the grass. And that’s what it’s all about. Getting lost in the process.

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