Ferns I

Ferns, mixed media, 10 x 8 canvas panel

Just finished this mixed media piece today. It had been sitting in my studio for a few weeks, just not feeling finished. I added the 4 tack nails to the top and rusted them out. Now, it tells me it is done.

Ferns speak to me with their simple form, geometry of shape, fragile strength. They echo eternity and history. Ancient life. Survival. Shelter. I created this polaroid transfer from a slide taken on a hike on Orcas Island. I had to hang by a branch to take the shot!

A quick google search of ferns brought me this little tidbit of information. Ferns are a very ancient family of plants: early fern fossils predate the beginning of the Mesozoic era, 360 million years ago. They are older than land animals and far older than the dinosaurs. They were thriving on Earth for two hundred million years before the flowering plants evolved. http://www.home.aone.net.au/byzantium/ferns/about.html


  1. I am no New York art critic. And, my tastes run among those of dog:furry, couch:comfy, clothing:warm; but, I do think this is one of your most visually pleasing pieces. I think there’s something in the balance of color and textures. I also feel my attention drawn to the ferns, while seeing them within the frame of your words and thoughts and the construction of the window.

    Now I am rambling.

  2. Love the picture! I found this blahg doing a google search for fossil ferns, and am glad I didn’t hit the back button prematurely. I’ve dug up thousands of fern fossils in eastern Pennsylvania…they are so cool. Here’s a link to a photo page of some of my nicer pieces:

    Nature and time are the artists. BTW are you selling this one or prints of it?

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