|  November 28, 2005

Another 4×4 inch gallery wrapped canvas that I just put up on ebay. This one is also a mixed media piece using a photo transfer, thread and oil paint.

I painted this little piece in conjunction with Illustration Friday’s theme “Small”. When I’m out in the woods, I feel so small, a little speck on this earth. Living in the city, there is so much going on all the time that I forget…how we just take up such little time. To those tall fir trees, I am really just a speck in their lifetime.

Forever, mixed media, 4×4 inches

The photo from which I created the transfer was taken on one of the hikes we did in Alaska. The words read: by then I knew the meaning of forever


  1. by Holly on November 28, 2005  7:43 pm Reply

    I really love the text-"To those tall fir trees, I am really just a speck in their lifetime." That is a beautiful statement and very true. You have created something very special here. Cheers!

  2. by melba on November 28, 2005  10:30 pm Reply

    I like how you incorporate nature into all of your art. All the piece are so interesting with muted colors and great texture.

  3. by Cynthia on November 29, 2005  4:08 pm Reply

    Lovely image.

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