|  August 6, 2007

This week’s prompt for Inspire Me Thursday is “Dear Diary”. I often use phrases from my journal in my paintings, so this wasn’t a stretch for me. But I had been working on this painting for a while now and feeling a bit stuck. And while I was painting I remembered the prompt for this week and thought, yes, that’s a good idea. And I dug out my journal and added the words above the nest. Thanks Melanie for the prompt!

gather, oil and mixed media, 12×12 inches

I didn’t want it to be too legible for the viewer when they are in front of the painting. But to record what I wrote, this is what it says:

and in my heart i knew that if i gathered up all my strength and hope, that everything would be ok. There was a master plan for all of us.

The photo on my screen is coming out a little darker than the painting really is.

Recently I posted about programs for creating a database of inventory for paintings and Glenda and ascender both commented on Working Artist, which was what I was leaning towards. I downloaded the free trial version and it is really great so far. It’s actually kind of exciting to see my paintings all in one place and organized. Yes, I’m a dork like that. But it is really great to have it all organized and it organizes your patrons as well. So that later I can pull up names and addresses for mailing out notices about shows. I am going to purchase the program this week sometime. It is going to take forever to plug in all my artwork, but it will be so worth it. Thanks for your help!


  1. by Pattie Mosca on August 6, 2007  2:56 pm Reply

    I love the sentiment of this painting. Great depth...

  2. by AscenderRisesAbove on August 6, 2007  7:49 pm Reply

    Another lovely piece. Looking forward to seeing how the software works for you.
    And Thanks for the mention! :)

  3. by Deb G on August 6, 2007  9:14 pm Reply

    This is really lovely. I like the text and think the piece would look wrong without it : )

  4. by Cheryl Finley: on August 7, 2007  1:29 am Reply

    Wow..the perfect complettion. The words are the perfect atomosphere for your beautiful nest..
    love the colors too!

  5. by Pilar on August 7, 2007  1:39 am Reply

    I love the fact the centeral image is of an open nest. The center is protected by the sides, but exposed at the same time; very much the same way one is when they write in their journal. The words strengthen this image to me as we are seeing between the lines and into the heart of the person. Thank you for such lovely compliments on my blog. I appreciate them!

  6. by Bee on August 7, 2007  7:06 pm Reply

    Those words complete this piece perfectly. i also love your colours and the sense of texture, it is just lovely.

  7. by Royce Addington: on August 7, 2007  9:37 pm Reply

    ...and she was ready to fly from her cozy beautiful nest...with wings spread wide in the joyous understanding of her own brilliance!

  8. by megan on August 7, 2007  11:17 pm Reply

    ooooh...the colors are they're in the sky and underwater at the same time! And, like Pilar said, the open nest has the power of paradox going on. Really strong & beautiful work.

  9. by Red Sonja on August 8, 2007  12:13 am Reply

    That is a very beautiful artwork. IT looks like a bird nest..or cocoon...a safe place to curl up and transform.

    Thanks for sharing.

  10. by Julia on August 8, 2007  5:13 am Reply

    I love it and the words look great on this piece!

  11. by Miriam on August 8, 2007  3:24 pm Reply

    I looked at this the other day and absolutely loved it. Now I'm strolling through more IMT's and hit upon it again and realized I never commented on it! Shame on me. It's just so lovely.

  12. by Cheryl on August 8, 2007  4:09 pm Reply

    Oh, so beautiful! I feel pulled toward the opening of that nest - I wonder what's in there....

  13. by melanie on August 9, 2007  11:40 am Reply

    this is beautiful, Bridgette. and i love how you applied the imt topic to help complete the piece.

    wonderful words. i so needed to hear them today.

  14. by chibiak2 on December 22, 2007  12:15 am Reply

    Wow. Just, Wow. :)

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