i am a mountain

visual journal entry

Still sick. Missing the pacific northwest. Missing my little quiet corner in seattle. Sad that I missed my dahlias blooming in late summer. And my poppies. The camellia may be budding now…

I’ve been listening to Bonnie Prince Billy’s album Ask Forgiveness quite a bit lately and for some reason it makes me nostalgic. I think it’s because we used to listen to it on our long car rides when we were taking trips to our favorite places in the spring.

One song in particular inspired this journal page:

i am a mountain
i am a tall tree
oh, i am a swift wind sweeping the country
i am a river down in the valley
oh, i am a vision and i can see clearly…

The image I used for my photo transfer is from a photograph I took when we were in Alaska in 2005.


Thank you to all of you who left all the advice on printing on tissue paper!! Once I get over this nasty bug and have more energy I will definitely try out the suggestions. I feel re-inspired to give it another go. Thanks!


  1. Sorry to hear that you are still unwell and that you are feeling a tad homesick too.

    You take care and I hope that you feel much better very soon.

  2. Hope you feel better soon too! Be sure to eat lots of fruit, especially citrus.

    I really like how this turned out with the photo transfer. The hint of an ocean with the blue… fantastic. Great job.

  3. ugh! – just hate to be sick! don’t you? – the journal page feels sort of sad and blue but still strong – all misty whites, blues and blacks with that imposing totem – weather here very mossy and soggy with high winds and so much rain that it is flooding on some of the rivers! – get well!

  4. Oh sweetie. Get well fast!

    The instant I saw this journal entry, I was reminded of the book The Forest Lover by Susan Vreeland, about the artist Emily Carr, who painted lots of totem poles, etc. If you’ve not read it, I recommend it highly. You can google it up & see what you think. Might be a good read while you’re convalescing. 🙂

    Love, Debi

  5. You have such a beautiful style that is so uniquely yours. I love it! Thank you so much for the wonderful music link — I just bought the entire album — it’s only $3.99 on iTunes. I am so excited to delve into his wonderful lyrics — such poetry! Such stories! Not many songs do that these days — they usually repeat the same lines over and over.


  6. your work is elegant and beauty-full and soul-full.
    funny that I stumbled onto your blog today when just two days ago, in my media blend studio, at the contemporary art center of virginia two artists taking my studio class brought in the book 1000 artist journal pages.
    kudos on all of your wonderful accomplishments…and on your new studio high up in the air…what adelight. You mention the Orcas Island windchimes and I smile as two years ago I was the artist in residence at the fabulous international summer camp located there Four Winds.
    all best to you

  7. I hope you have turned a corner this entry is so sad sounding….your work is lovely as usual and full of emotion and unexpected color…
    once your feeling better drop me a line so we can get together.

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