In the Searching

 |  January 30, 2012

In the Searching
encaustic mixed media
24×13 inches

I usually have a lot to say when I post one of my pieces on here. But today, not so much. I will let this painting speak for itself.

I had nothing to offer anybody except my own confusion. – Jack Kerouac

For me, it’s always in the searching…


  1. by Ann Somerset Miles on January 30, 2012  6:06 pm Reply

    And it does speak, and I wish I could analyse how it was made, though that would spoil the magic, so I won't but just gaze and enjoy. xx

  2. by Kim Hambric on January 30, 2012  7:25 pm Reply

    Beautiful, meditative piece.

  3. by bridgette on January 30, 2012  11:38 pm Reply

    Thank you Ann, Kim and Lisa. Ann- it was made with lots and lots of layers. Scraping and then lots and lots of layers.

  4. by laruelapalooza on January 31, 2012  12:10 am Reply

    Just beautiful and peaceful. And I love how large you are working too.

  5. by windrock studio on January 31, 2012  9:39 am Reply

    Yes, this beautiful piece certainly does speak for itself! and it keeps asking me to gaze longer.

  6. by Just Jen on January 31, 2012  11:42 am Reply

    as I delve ever deeper into the "Mysteries of the Wax" I want to pull that piece from my screen and examine it 'up close'. ;)

    Lovely as always Miss Searcher! xo

  7. by Susan Jonsson on January 31, 2012  3:34 pm Reply

    I too want to be closer to this painting. The quiet stillness, speaks volumes...I have already replied too much....Simply, perfectly... beautiful.


  8. by jfrancis on February 1, 2012  1:09 am Reply

    After the flames
    only the bones
    and the bird___
    as a charcoal study
    in life.
    the meek
    shall in herit the embers.
    jfrancis 1.31.2012

  9. by Carole on February 1, 2012  2:01 am Reply

    I think it speaks for itself!

  10. by susanna on February 15, 2012  10:35 pm Reply

    You know, I think this painting sums up winter perfectly.

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