inherit the earth

Inherit the Earth, encaustic and mixed media
6×6 inches

I created this 6×6 inch encaustic piece last week. On my mind was one of the anxiety producing events that occurred in the beginning of that week, which was a visit to Children’s Hospital. As I mentioned in a previous post, everything turned out to be ok. But being a parent is really like having your heart pulled out of you and uncertainty is a killer. Being at that hospital and seeing children going through chemo or other children in wheelchairs or others attached to respiratory machines brought tears to my already wet eyes. It brought back memories of hospital visits for my sister who had childhood leukemia. It brought back memories of when I worked in special education.

All those hard experiences though have given me the gift of knowing that life is miraculous. If you are able-bodied and able-minded, what a blessing! I had worked with children who were seriously cognitively delayed and so when I encountered a “normal” child they seemed like geniuses just because they were able to make eye contact with me.

Anyway, when I was coming up for the title of this little flower, I thought of how life is so fragile and the fact that we are here on earth is a blessing. The smallest abilities that we have are so often taken for granted. I think that that becomes so clear when you have experienced loss or have shared the life with others who live with disabilities. You learn to celebrate the smallest achievements. Blessings made me think of the Beautides, which of course I looked up since I was on the computer. And found my title.

The path to the title of the piece may not make sense, but it does to me. Maybe it’s a mistake to share so openly what was going through my mind. Maybe it’s better for people to draw their own conclusions and see just a red poppy. And it is just a red poppy. But this is my life, my thoughts processes, my art. Part of the reason why I create is to make sense of my life and my experiences.

Hope everyone had a happy mother’s day. I did!


  1. Don’t you dare stop sharing your experiences and stories behind your beautiful art! It makes something already lovely just that much more meaningful… Hugs, Shari

  2. I can’t see the photo with this post as flicker isn’t letting it show, but your post is a meaningful one. Especially for mother’s day. Thanks

  3. Part of the reason why I followed the link from Flickr to your blog was to learn a little bit more about you and your art.

    And that is exactly what you provided.

    Thank you.


  4. I know the anxiety you speak of having made my own trips to that hospital. Thankfully all has always been well in the end.

    Your sharing adds such depth to viewing your work. I very much appreciate it.

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