intentions for 2010

“We promise according to our hopes, and perform according to our fears.” ~Francois de La Rouchefoucauld

counting her eggs
encaustic and mixed media
6×6 inches

{another painting that I reworked this past Sunday. See original here}

I am one of those people that if I don’t write it down, it’s not going to happen. Especially for daily tasks, and it seems to be getting worse! But I also like to write down intentions for the year- if I don’t know what I’m aiming for, if I can’t visualize it, how am I even going to try to get there?

First I wanted to look at what I wrote for 2009 and see how I did.

From 2009
1. Time: I am going to get a timer and actually set it for 15 minutes. When that timer goes off, I need to get off the computer. Also will have a specific time when I check email and write emails. And a specific time to read blogs, because I love to read them. They inspire me and it is like a community. But I can’t spend an hour of nap time reading blogs or checking status updates on FaceBook. That’s just not productive!
How I did: hahahahahahaha! Totally and utterly failed on that one.

2. Simplify: I have my hands in too many things in the studio. Makes me feel scattered and unfocused. I still need to continue making my handmade journals. But in terms of painting I am going to focus on encaustics and acrylic/mixed media. I know, that still sounds like a lot. But in my head I feel better about it. I have been working on a large oil painting, and my impatience is rearing its head. Again, the Time thing.
How I did: Still working on that one, but did simplify things a bit this past year. Didn’t really have a choice.

3. Learn: Sit down and learn QuickBooks for business purposes. As well as Working Artist3.0.
How I did: I did learn how to use my Quickbooks, and learned a little more about Working Artist 3.0. Not an expert by any means, but better than before.

4. Explore: I still have yet to explore the gallery scene in Chicago. I need to do my homework for the future.
How I did: I give myself a D on this one. I did go to a few, very few. Too difficult time wise when you have a toddler. But I did go to at least 1. That’s better than zero.

5. Paint, paint, paint. Inventory as soon as a painting is done.
How I did: Painted as much as I could and I did inventory fairly soon after a painting was done.

6. Possibly do an art fair in the chicagoland area. There are so so so many during the summertime! At least research them for the future.
How I did:Did not do research on this. I went to 1 art fair.

7. Get working on the new series.
How I did: Not sure what I was talking about here…so I guess the answer is no? But I did work on my prairie series this year, which I really enjoyed.

8. Create at least 2 new mixed media collage journals a month. That is the minimum.
How I did: That lasted maybe 3 months. Oh well.

9. Be open to opportunities. But also be mindful of what I take on.
How I did: I give myself an A on this one.

10. Ponder some more about teaching small workshops. Ponder for a little bit, but then decide! Research.
How I did: Pondered it, was even asked by several venues to teach, but decided with my energy and time limitations, that it’s not a good fit for me right now. If I do have time for art, I’d rather be painting.

11. Redesign and update my art web site. Add a section for visual journals. Make encaustic and painting sections more current. Old stuff does not need to be up there.
How I did: I did this.

And now for 2010, this will be short:

1. Keep painting. I know it will be hard to, but will have to find a way. My husband says that I am a more balanced person when I have good painting days. That’s a nice way to put it. But it’s true, I am. Luckily he’s my #1 supporter and said that we’ll figure it out together.

2. Keep exploring my symbols,my inner dialogue.

3. Paint bigger!! I will still keep doing small paintings, but more and more I want to paint larger, which also means I will be “less” productive. But that’s a given anyway with a baby on the way, so why not go all out?!

4. Be in the present, in the Now. My children are a gift to me and it’s important for me and them to be Present.

5. Be open to possibilities and opportunities.

6. Rewrite my artist statment

Fairly simple intentions, but life is about to get much more complicated!


  1. Bridgette,

    You’ve probably already been told this, but just in case…..

    having two children doesn’t take up twice as much time as having one child. It takes up three or four times as much time.

    Love you, your blog and your paintings,


  2. A few things: I love your new piece. It has such a wonderfully understated maternal qulaity to it….or maybe that’s just my pregnancy vibes picking up your pregnancy vibes.
    I admire that you were able to write out your intentions for the years, it gave you a touchstone to go back to and gauge your personal accomplishments. You have inspired me to do the same.
    It is wonderful your husband is so supportive. The fact that he understands that you need to have your art in your life to remain balanced, despite the growing needs of your family, is very special. What a good guy!

  3. Hi Bridgette, I admire that you even come up with intentions for the new year – somehow I can’t get my brain to even organize my thoughts! Wishing you well, and all the best to your family in the new year! xo K
    (I can’t believe how long it took for my card to get to you…)

  4. Bravo for completing some of your intended efforts for 2009! Stating and completing or even attempting them is more than many people do in a lifetime.

    Good set for 2010 – go for it! Love your art – must own a piece this year:)


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