Bridgette Guerzon Mills | Memoria, encaustic mixed media on salvaged wood and wormy chestnut,
7 1/2×5 1/2 inches, sold

Memoria- a piece I created last week. The base wood that I painted on and did the transfer on is from old boards that we pulled down during our house renovation. Our house was built in 1938 and I’m not sure how long this wood was in place. It’s really beautiful and I had to save it. The piece of wood on top is wormy chestnut that was gifted to me to use in my artwork. Wormy chestnut refer to American Chestnut trees that were killed by the chestnut blight of the early 1900s, which were subsequently damaged by insects, leaving holes and discoloration in the standing trees. The trees were then subsequently harvested and converted into lumber. The tree transfer was from a photo I took on a hike on a mountain in southwestern VA, where there were wild ponies roaming.

Creating artwork is such a personal and intimate experience, we pull from all different aspects of our life. And the materials I use also had their own lives before they ended up in my hands.

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