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 |  March 7, 2014

“The object isn’t to make art, it’s to be in that wonderful state which makes art inevitable.” ~Robert Henri

With all the snow days, snow delays, sick days, parent teacher conferences, etc. etc. I hardly had any time in the studio this week. I think on Wednesday I had to go into my studio to put something away, and something I spied caused a spark in my brain. And so late that night after the kids were tucked away, I went back in to see if I could continue the thread… I entered the studio tired, not sure if I’d last long…and then I left feeling completely energized. Interesting how that happens. I was able to work the next day for a few hours and it was great to get going on some rather large paintings with somewhat of a path to follow. I say somewhat because it always changes. Everything is in its very beginning stages, but I’ll share a few images of what’s on my studio table this week. I’ve been working on my Flood series.

Working on my Flood series today using one of my water damaged photos that I blew up. #workinprogress #studiotable #art  #painting #artismytherapy

The trees began to weep
the trees began to weep…

And rust began to corrode the earth #workinprogress
and rust began to corrode the earth


  1. by Sue Marrazzo on March 7, 2014  6:29 pm Reply

    Nice works...love the last one best!!

    • by bridgette on March 9, 2014  8:08 pm Reply

      thanks Sue. The last one doesn't exist anymore! Well, i suppose it does, underneath subsequent layers.

  2. by trish quilty on March 7, 2014  7:14 pm Reply

    love these pieces that tell a story...,

    • by bridgette on March 9, 2014  8:09 pm Reply

      thank you! telling a story is what matters to me, so I really appreciate your comment.

    • by bridgette on March 9, 2014  8:10 pm Reply

      thanks beth. all my paintings start out that way, very loose, bright.......and then it gets covered up by shades of white. hmmm.

    • by bridgette on March 9, 2014  8:10 pm Reply

      thanks lisa, glad you enjoy it!

  3. by Rosie Kearton on March 8, 2014  5:11 am Reply

    Sometimes just being with the work is enough - thank you for a timely reminder - good beginnings on your table Brigette

    • by bridgette on March 9, 2014  8:11 pm Reply

      I agree Rosie. Just being with it, going through it, yep

  4. by Lisa Graham Art on March 8, 2014  5:47 pm Reply

    Bridgette, this is a lovely post. You have such a way with color, texture and composition. I could study your art for a very long time and see something new in it constantly.

    • by bridgette on March 9, 2014  8:11 pm Reply

      thank you so much Lisa!

  5. by Leah Hughes on March 9, 2014  8:43 am Reply

    Once again, I looking looking at your process. Thanks for sharing

    • by bridgette on March 9, 2014  8:11 pm Reply

      you're welcome leah, thanks for visiting.

  6. by windrock studio on March 10, 2014  6:04 pm Reply

    I can't imagine not having your work table, whatever it may be, in your home so you can do just that ... have it available no matter the time of day or night so you can see things as you walk past or play around anytime the mood hits. I'm so glad that you're working on this series, feels strong.

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