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Beauty often resides in the peripheries of our lives. – Makoto Fujimura


I was able to get into the studio this week after about a month break. When I first entered the studio I felt like I wandered and meandered around a bit. The question “Now What?” lingered heavily in the air after completing so many paintings for the show. So I started working on something that I had started about a month ago. Here is a detail of that work in progress.

Hive painting-work in progress

I am still doing my daily drawings over on IG.

cherry drawing


Interesting thing I’ve noticed is that when I do still life drawings, that when I go and paint, my paintings are so much looser. I noticed that last year when I was taking a still life oil painting class last winter in Evanston. At that time I was working on my bowls series for my solo show. I would go to the class and paint from life, doing meticulous observation of light and form and color. And then when I would go to my studio and paint and my paintings started to lose their grip on the concrete, like this one. hmmm. I love to do both, literal interpretation of what is in front of me and the metaphorical of what is within. I wonder if something gets triggered in my brain by doing the life drawings which allows me to loosen up.


10×8 encaustic panel

In the frantic pace of life, we need to slow down and simply observe natural forces around us and create out of that experience. What makes us truly human may not be how fast we are able to accomplish a task but what we experience fully, carefully, and quietly in the process.- Makoto Fujimura


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