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I recently had a really unique experience of attending an intimate house concert at my friend’s house. The musician was Francis Dunnery. Between his songs he spoke to huge issues that impact us all in regards to our spiritual and psychological health. I had no idea what I was in for when I went! One of the things he did speak to was the idea that in the end nothing really means anything. We get so worked up and distressed about things that ultimately really don’t mean a damn thing. We as humans are the meaning makers. It is in our nature to assign meaning to objects, ourselves and the things that happen to us. We assign positive or negative emotions to it and those personal interpretations usually dictate our behaviors and attitude. It may seem depressing because then what’s the point of anything. But on the other hand it can be empowering because we create our reality. As I sat there listening and agreeing, but also having disagreements in my head because that’s what I do- always questioning, I thought about how artists are the ultimate meaning makers. That is what we do. That is our practice. We take what human beings do all the time, every second, without thinking- but we do it all the time, with purpose and intent.


I know for myself- I am compelled to make and I am compelled to create meaning of my life in a tangible form. It’s not that I like to do it. It’s that I must.

Studio doings. Just a tiny bit of time in here today.

And so I sew, put things together, patch things up

Hmmmm. Brainstorming how I'll display these little nature pages I've been making.

I collect and gather

Detail. Reworking an older piece. Bark+ metal+paper+wax

paint, build and construct

Reworking an older piece. Added wood to the bottom and thinking about reworking the middle band of brown into something else. Thinking, thinking, thinking. Hmmmm #workinprogress #art #mixedmedia #studiotable #inthestudio

And the work is never truly done. I am constantly reworking older pieces. I know, probably not a good idea, but I can’t help it. I take from my life and rework, rebuild, reconstruct to give it a new form and new life.


With the end of the school year activities and spending more time outdoors in our yard and garden, I have not had as much extended time in the studio. But I have been getting in for short bursts, as seen from these photos from the past month, as I finish up preparing for my solo show at the Park View Gallery at Glen Echo Park, outside of Washington, DC. The show opens July 1 with a reception during the art walk, July 3rd. This park has so much meaning to me that I will have to write about another time. I am a meaning maker after all.


  1. Love seeing the fruits of all the hunting and gathering you do! Which includes thoughts and writings as well. All beautiful! Meaning Makers—I like that. Will be a wonderful show!

  2. Beautiful meaning maker process. All of your art. And I agree, your thoughts and writings also, all meaning makers. I get the “you are compelled to do it”. So glad you do. Wish I could see your show. I’m sure it will be great… Happy meaning making!

  3. I love seeing nature in your art!! Beautiful meaning maker process. I, too, as the above comment writes, get the “you are compelled to do it”. So glad you do. Wish I could see your show, too. Please include more photos and explanations. thanks

  4. Cabcan you explain what materials you are using? Muslin fabric and nature items and a think coat of plaster?
    Are you using hot encaustic wax? or cold?

    Do you let the nature items dry before implanting them in the wet plaster or wax?

    I’d love to understand more of your process. I live in MN with lots of nature items in our woods here at the lakes. I’d love to learn how to put it all together…thanks

    1. i wrote a chapter in a book in Patricia Baldwin’s Seggebruch’s 3rd book that explains my process. Thanks for visiting my blog Sandy!

      1. How fortunate I feel = to stumble across artist like you! Every fibre of me resonates with your statements and
        outlook on life // UR my inspiration// com guide through en caustic painting journey…
        Thank you
        Sandra P.

      2. Hello Bridgette. Which book is that? I see that she has two on Amazon, but not sure which book you are referring to. Thank you.

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