Pandemic Journal: pages 2,3,4

Bridgette Guerzon Mills |pandemic journal, page 3

I think that I created this page towards the end of the second week of the quarantine. It is an acrylic gel transfer of one of my photos and a found text from the Brothers Grimm fairy Tale book. I have been reading the tales as I look for words and phrases and they can be pretty gruesome! But they are perfect stories to be reading right now- stories of danger and peril and characters either rising to the occasion or sinking down to the baser of our human qualities and being punished for that. Mostly there is a lot of hunger and yearning for better lives.

Bridgette Guerzon Mills | pandemic journal, pages 2 and 3

I mentioned in my last post that each page is created on a 6×6 inch sheet and then once I finish it I attach it to the previous page, in the concertina fashion. So once it opens it is like an accordion. It gives me freedom to create then attach where ever I want. I have created almost 20 pages now and there have been times where I decide to change the order and it’s very easy for me to do so.

Bridgette Guerzon Mills | pandemic journal, pages 3 and 4

Above is pages 3 and 4. I shared page 4 in a previous post. I created that page the day after Easter when I learned that a relative had passed away from covid19. It was after her death and creating that page, that this book really started becoming a go to for my creative process during this time.

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