|  May 27, 2008

Remembering, mixed media and encaustic, 8×8 inches

There’s nothing like turning a bad start to the day into a good day by being able to mark a painting “sold”. Also made arrangements for my mom to fly to Seattle to help me out as I feel like I’m drowning in everything that needs to get done. I feel so relieved knowing that in a short time she will be on her way. It’s hard for me to ask for help, and I hardly ever do. So my family knows that when I ask, I really need it!


  1. by Dawn on May 27, 2008  9:07 pm Reply

    I'm glad you asked your mom for help...It's a horrible thing to have that drowning feeling...Take some deep will get better! You have so many changes (good ones) in store!

  2. by Lost Aussie on May 28, 2008  1:13 am Reply

    This is a lovely piece. Good luck with your move, I know how difficult it can be, especially when you dont have your art materials at hand for a while!

  3. by Genie on May 28, 2008  6:54 am Reply

    Congratulations and Good Luck

  4. by smith kaich jones on May 28, 2008  10:51 am Reply

    Oh, my heart just goes out to you. There is almost nothing worse than moving, and moving a long way is doubly hard. I'm glad your mom is going to be there to help. Congratulations on selling another beautiful piece - this one looks as if I could just dip my hand into it & stir the sky around.


  5. by bridgette on May 28, 2008  2:05 pm Reply

    thanks dawn for the reminder to breathe. :) Everything will get done and everything will be fine. It just seems insurmountable right now!

    Hi marie, thanks! I bet you are used to making art without all your supplies at hand. I will learn...

    Thank you Genie and Debi!

  6. by redredday on May 28, 2008  5:48 pm Reply

    hey Bridgette, i'm so glad to hear that you are getting your mom to come help out. i'm not even family and i too know that if you ask help, you really need it. i would come to your rescue any day i could if you were to ask me. ;).

    thanks for the reference to La Llorna the weeping woman. it's interesting how the legend goes that her spirit wants to kill those who come close to her by the river. i would imagine otherwise. what haunts me is her wailing at night.

    maybe i will do a video interview with my parents one of these days, like you suggested. i like the idea of having an official sort of documentation down. thank you for sharing how it is with your family. :). it's true we all have different paths.

    hope your move to Chicago will be a smooth one. please take care of yourself (and let others do as well :).

  7. by bob cornelis on June 11, 2008  4:39 pm Reply

    I really like this piece - the liquid feeling created by the wax creates just the right mood. The foreground and the sky blend together in a wonderful way.

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