the strength of fragile things

 |  March 11, 2009

the strength of fragile things
encaustic on clayboard
6×6 inches

Still pluggin away to get a grouping of small encaustic pieces ready…


  1. by Shonna on March 11, 2009  11:08 am Reply

    Just wanted to stop by and let you know I think this piece is simply gorgeous!!!! Great work!!

  2. by Carmen on March 11, 2009  12:23 pm Reply

    This is gorgeous Bridgette!

  3. by azirca on March 11, 2009  4:56 pm Reply

    Wow, this is absolutely beautiful!

  4. by JoyfulArt on March 11, 2009  8:29 pm Reply

    I think I love all of your art.

  5. by Curio on March 12, 2009  11:43 am Reply

    Not only is this art work absolutely beautiful, the words "the strength of fragile things" encourages a deeper understanding of a fragile nature that is much more resilient than we may think.

    Just beautiful, Brigitte!

  6. by Patrice on March 12, 2009  10:23 pm Reply

    beautiful ...

  7. by Seth on March 12, 2009  11:32 pm Reply

    Stunning color palette here and an equally stunning title.

  8. by bridgette on March 13, 2009  2:15 pm Reply

    Thank you all for your comments and thoughts on this piece!

    Sue- thank you so much. You are so sweet and have always been so encouraging since the first time I met you!

  9. by Taffy on March 13, 2009  6:02 pm Reply

    that is beautiful work!! I love it.

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