Time To Rest and Reflect

Bridgette Guerzon Mills | Time to Rest and Reflect, encaustic mixed media 10x10inches

I put some finishing touches on this painting today finally. I had actually almost finished it a few weeks ago. The title though came to me today as I was working on the photos of this piece as the last days of 2023 dwindle away. Once the holidays are over and the new year begins, I feel like the true winter season starts. A quiet time, if we allow it. If we can. Rabbits are so fast and quick, gone in a flash. But then they can be so very still. I feel like I notice them more in winter. Maybe because the landscape is more barren in winter and the rabbits have to be braver and expose themselves more to get food. This rabbit looks peaceful and safe in its refuge.

This painting makes me happy. I saw it in my head and then I made it. I usually don’t work that way. I usually work more intuitively, without a set plan. I am working on a series for an upcoming show in early 2023. I have a bird done. Of course. I have a fox one in my head, but I think that one will develop intuitively moreso than this one when I finally get to work on it. But first I will rest a bit. And then I will be back to creating.

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