all things seen and unseen

 |  July 2, 2009

all things seen and unseen
encaustic on clayboard
6×6 inches

My family came to visit this past weekend. It was a full and noisy house with 3 kids running up and down the hallways. After everyone left I managed to catch a nasty cold and am still on the tail end. Been feeling pretty run down lately, but thought I’d write up a little post while my son naps.

I worked on this little piece much longer than I usually do. It was one of those struggles. But then I happened upon Lisa Kairos’ blog and she jsut happened to write a post sharing a technique called Intarsia…which I had done a long time ago but completely forgot about! How does that happen?!

Anyway, so I decided to experiment with it on this little piece as I had in my previous painting “Patterns and Cycles”- the red line was done with the intarsia technique as well as the little “o” shapes along the bottom. I really enjoyed rediscovering this technique. Ever since my ceramics class I really have been obsessed with surface. Not like I wasn’t already. But it’s been tweaked a bit.


I am so excited to share that three of my encaustic paintings were juried into the Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival in the Logan Square Connections exhibit! The show will be at the end of July. I will post the details as the date approaches. My first show in Chicago…hopefully the first of more to come in the future.

I still have a few small encaustic paintings at Sacred Art Gallery in Lincoln Square, here in Chicago. They have asked me for more paintings and I’ve been working on it. Hopefully by the end of this month I can replenish what I have there.


  1. by Lumilyon on July 2, 2009  4:02 pm Reply

    This is a very lovely little artwork Bridgette and work all the struggle!

  2. by Angela Wales Rockett on July 2, 2009  4:25 pm Reply

    Lovely painting, Bridgette. And congrats on the show, and the need to replenish at Sacred Art!

  3. by Janet on July 2, 2009  8:22 pm Reply

    Very nice! Are the flora items a photograph?

  4. by Jeane on July 3, 2009  1:11 pm Reply

    congratulations on getting into the juried show! another inspirational piece here :)

  5. by Seth on July 3, 2009  10:04 pm Reply

    Still lovin all the symbols!

  6. by Leslie Avon Miller on July 6, 2009  11:35 pm Reply

    I love the mark making symbols. Congratulations Bridgette.

  7. by Lawendula on July 8, 2009  10:34 am Reply

    Wonderful and the title too!

  8. by rivergardenstudio on July 9, 2009  6:37 pm Reply

    Your work is soulful and fascinating to me.... and congratulations! Roxanne

  9. by Kerin on July 10, 2009  8:09 pm Reply

    Wow! I just found you through Seth's blog and I am subscribing to your blog and will be back as often as I can be. Your work is amazing and you have greatly inspired me with all that I see here.

    Please come visit me some time if you get the chance!


  10. by Susan Tuttle on July 11, 2009  12:15 pm Reply

    delicious -- i am drawn to circles as well -- they pop up a lot in my work.

    CONGRATULATIONS on the show -- awesome!


  11. by Curio on July 13, 2009  6:38 am Reply

    As usual, a small piece that speaks volumes! I must say, Bridgette, I love your colour palette.

  12. by Celestial on July 23, 2009  12:32 pm Reply

    Love reading your blogs. I would like to invite you to follow mine as well.

  13. by merci33 on July 25, 2009  9:53 am Reply

    hope you are feeling well 'on the mend' your new work is stunning

  14. by surealiste on July 27, 2009  6:16 pm Reply

    The faded effect and the colours combined with the wistful shapes render a nostalgic and melancholic atmosphere to your masterpieces. They're beautiful.

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