Circular Time

 |  December 14, 2018
Circular Time
Bridgette Guerzon Mills | Circular Time, encaustic mixed media, 6×6 inches

I have written before about how I prefer to think of time as being circular rather linear. Recently I was helping my mother who is still quite active but getting to the point where she needs more help for certain things. As a nurse and a mother of four she has always been the caretaker, so this new role is difficult for her- her children helping her. As I helped her with the task, her hand in mine, and thought about the circle of life. 

And then I went home and waited for my son to come home who is now just a smidgeon taller than me. He told me the other day that he feels weird being taller than me because he still thinks that I’m bigger than him and that he should be looking up, not down when he talks to me. That made me laugh.

And then this morning I worked on a potted fern that I thought was a goner, but it’s showing signs of new life with baby fern spears sticking up out from the older dried out stalks. I trimmed the dried stalks and I have hope of my little fern making a come back. My husband, who has a green thumb, had calmed my fears earlier about my plant, reassuring me that there is cycle that the plants follow and that my plant will be fine. Although sometimes he does have to make matters into his own hands and rescue my houseplants. I have definitely gotten better through the years, but still I at times fail my plants. Just pay your plants a little attention and they will be good, he says. 

Thinking about time and life as being circular comforts me.  

I just added this framed painting to my Shop

Take me back to the days when time ran in circles and cycles and the moon was as important as the sun…

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