(cocoon), 5×5 inches, mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas

In the fall of 2005, I embarked on an interesting journey with one of my best friends from childhood. She had recently changed life course and switched from a high pace job in marketing in NYC to becoming a life coach. I always like to support people when they decide to jump into something new and daring, so I signed up as one of her first paying clients. If she hadn’t been my friend I would never have signed up for such a thing, but I am so glad that I did.

My goal for my sessions with her was to talk about my dream of taking my art to the next level. I was in the height of building up my journal business, amanobooks.com, but I was feeling a growing need to turn my attention to painting, just pure painting. I kept a journal for my assignments with her and to take notes during our session. This journal, now, is such a treasure. I may share some of my insights from it in my blog.

One of my entries I wrote about “cocooning time”- preparing myself for inner growth that would later manifest into an outward transformation.

Later, when I was pregnant, I returned to this idea and created this painting. Preparation. Growth. Transformation. Inward focus. Life. Creation.


Switching topics: I attended a free demo at Daniel Smith today on a product called InkAid. This product allows you to print onto thin tissue papers. I had bought a bottle of this stuff back in March, but haven’t had the chance to try it out. Seemed complicated. But after today, I know that it’s not complicated at all. It just takes some patience for drying time. I am looking forward to exploring this and applying it to some of my encaustic work. I will my explorations here. Now just to find some studio time…

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