|  November 25, 2007

I haven’t been able to get much work done this week what with cooking, festivities, plus just feeling exhausted. A few weeks ago I was looking at my stats-where people come from, how they find me on the web, etc. and I saw the funniest search phrase. Someone typed in : tired mom artist. Yep, that’s me. I resolved not to mention how tired I am on my blog anymore, but this week I’ve been especially dragging. I feel better right now as I’ve been able to work some this morning. I really get re-energized when I get my hands on some brushes and paint.

continue, mixed media on canvas panel, 5×7 inches

This is a panel that will be bound as a cover for a blank journal later. I am trying to finish up a bunch of panels that I’ve been working on these past several weeks for the Open Studio Show that Angela Rockett invited me to join. That will be happening this coming up Saturday and I want to have several of my journals with me along with my paintings.

This panel is a testament as to why I have so much Stuff in my studio. It’s comprised of bits and pieces of things that I keep for that “just in case I need it down the road” scenario. I made the polaroid transfer probably four years ago. It’s of a tree overlooking a valley. The brown aged paper on the bottom is from a workshop I took with L.K. Ludwig back in March 2006. We bleached black paper and made nature prints. These are the last remnants of the sheets I had made. I was going to type up some words on the computer and print them out to add at the bottom. But I have a little drawer filled with torn dictionary pages and so I made myself look through the pile to see if anything jumped out at me. And I found it right away.

continue: 1. to keep up; keep on; go on; go on with. 2. go on or go on with after stopping; begin again. 3. last; endure ….

The string are from left over waxed linen thread from when I bind up journals. See, I don’t throw anything away! I have resolved to use up all my Stuff. Should last me a while.


  1. by Jen on November 25, 2007  5:31 pm Reply

    Spectacularly lovely Bri. I love the juxtaposition of the top with the worn paper bottom. And the stitching is the 'piece de resistance'. LOVE!

  2. by Tara Finlay on November 25, 2007  5:54 pm Reply

    I love it, as I also love the idea of using everything up.
    I have some ideas for using up things in my studio that I have "outgrown." There is a place down the road - a country cafe- where people - mostly gourd artists and jewelry artists sell their stuff. Not the kind of jewelry I am interested in... but I could make some small canvas collages in the usual wing and hat style to get rid of things and potentially make some money. I don't have to like it to sell it :) And it will use things up.

  3. by thealteredpage on November 26, 2007  12:32 am Reply

    Fantastic piece!! The colors in the transfer are so compelling. And your stitching of that incredible paper with the linen thread is perfect.

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