|  July 24, 2007

dream, oil and mixed media, 4×4 inches

Words read: I sleep and dream of cradling warmth

The words are from a poem that I wrote a long time of ago. For the past few years as I’ve worked my way through mixed media panels and paintings I have drawn upon my poems, journal writings, letters for words to add to my images. Why? Well, for one words hold magic for me. I feel similar to what Melanie posted recently about savoring the way words are parceled together. I have a journal too where I write down phrases from books that just hit that chord in me.

So combining words plus imagery came naturally to me…except recently I feel myself moving away from it. Does adding my words take away from the painting? Does it close off room for interpretation?

As I think about these questions, this quote echoes in my head:

If you could say it in words there would be no reason to paint. ~ Edward Hopper.

Hmmmmm. I don’t know. I still like words. We’ll see. Art making is never stationary. Constantly changing, learning, growing.

In other news, well not news really, but I started a new sketching journal. I was inspired by mien wong’s sketches of her sister to start one of Noah. I actually have a few sketches of him when we were still in the hospital after he was born. But 6 months have passed since then! I drew a very messy one of him on his play gym this morning. I got half of his face. I think I will have better luck if I try to draw him when he is sleeping. Which would be right now. But I just think it would be great if I had a sketching notebook of just him- not even full finished drawings, but spur of the moment. I picked out one of my mixed media journals to work in, so I have lots of pages to fill up.


  1. by vivien on July 25, 2007  3:11 am Reply

    I like words too :)

    Kurt Jackson often writes sentences or phrases across works - with him it's more likely to describe what was happening 'kingfisher fishing from a branch, wind in the trees' or something like that. For me it adds to the work

    Lovely work - I've never ever done encaustic and your work makes me want to try it :)

  2. by bridgette on July 25, 2007  6:26 pm Reply

    Thanks vivien for your thoughts on my current issue. And thanks for introducing me to Kurt Jackson's work! wow. I love his paintings. And I especially love that Kingfisher one.

    You should give encaustics a go! If you ever have any questions on the medium, feel free to email me. I am still learning my way through it, but I would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

  3. by redredday on July 26, 2007  8:50 am Reply

    oooh, i'm curious about that poem you wrote where that line came from. i love it when the words add more to the painting in the painting itself and through the title. i like the typewriter font and size you chose for this. intimate yet still reserved as it it not exposed in your own personal handwriting (a sense of self-preservation?).

    i'm excited to see your series of drawings of Noah! i don't think you showed any of your drawings/sketches on your website, did you? it's always interesting to see how differently or similar one's sketches are with their paintings or other more "finished" works.

  4. by bridgette on July 27, 2007  1:14 am Reply

    thanks mien- you may see other snippets from that same poem in some other pieces coming up. :)

    I used to have my drawings on my web site but recently took that section off. I will scan my drawings in. I'm definitely rusty though! It is interesting to see sketches as opposed to paintings. They usually are different! I wonder why? hmmm...

  5. by Tricia Scott on July 27, 2007  4:55 am Reply

    bridgette, i am inspired by words and almost feel a piece for me is missing something if they are not there. interesting that you should ask the question of whether it closes the piece off for interpretation---i was wondering the same thing just a week or so ago. i can't seem to get away from the need to tell a story ot guide in a certain direction...i think i should challenge myself to a wordless piece....hmmm....

    these last few days have been filled with many homeschool field trips and playdates...i have not approached my art table in almost a week. today i just have to make it a priority! :)
    hope all is well. sending you a hug!

  6. by Deryn Mentock on July 27, 2007  9:30 am Reply

    I love your use of words and phrases in your artwork. I guess I'm not objective since I use them as well but I love the look of it. It's not always so much about what the words are saying but just the way they look. Love your artwork Bridgette!

  7. by donab on August 9, 2007  10:09 am Reply


    I also use a lot of words in my work, though in many pieces I either cover them or obscure them almost entirely. Often, too, it is the texture of the writing or printing that matters, and not what they actually say.

    I've often wondered why I'm so attached to the written word in my visual work, but haven't found the answer yet. I'm just going with it. :)

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