Good Reception

“I have always had a hard time
figuring out when today ends
and tomorrow begins
Draw a line in the sand
where today ends
and another
where tomorrow begins
Read between the lines
The tide will wash it away
If not today,
then tomorrow”
– Good Reception

cover art created for Good Reception
encaustic mixed media

I have been meaning to write a post about this for so long, but life has been pretty nutty, to say the least. I painted the above image for my husband probably about a year ago. I haven’t been waiting to posting it since then- I have been wanting to post since he used it for the cover art of his book that he just self-published at the end of this summer! This is a book that he’s been wanting to write since I first met him, back when we were in college. And he wrote bits and pieces here and there, but most of it was in his head. He began to really write it down two year ago and finished it this year.

My husband is a tech kind of guy, totally the opposite of me!And part of his vision of writing a book was to also link it to his other interests- technology and websites. So he actually built a website for each chapter that are interactive. They are pretty fun and weird and a little dark. Much like the book. Much like him. ha! Anyway, I’m really proud of him for writing it, creating the sites, actually just doing it. It is so easy to put aside our creative dreams for the more demanding tasks in life. Sometimes you just have to do it, even if it means staying up a little bit later or doing it in bits and pieces. I am honored to have one of my images for the cover of Good Reception.

Yes, I know, I’m biased, but I really enjoyed reading the book. It’s different, weird, dark, funny. It has philosophy in it, things on multiverse theories, which at times went over my head. I also liked how he wrote it- it’s very much a commentary on the way we communicate these days. Some of my favorite dialogues between two of the main characters is done through Instant Messaging chats.

Ever since I made the encaustic painting for the cover art, I’ve been wanting to do a really big one for him in the same style. But time, time, time- it always eludes me.


I also made this piece above for the book, but it ended up not being used. I quite like it though. Since then it became a base for another painting, but again it’s another piece that I would like to return to one day. Working the surface…always so intriguing to me.


  1. wow his book and links sound fantastic… what a wonderfully creative team you are. LOVE your art… I keep saying, one day, I will learn how to use encaustics over my photographs… still waiting for some day… but who knows maybe it will be sooner rather than later.

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