hidden within

hidden within
hidden within, oil and mixed media, 4×4 inches

words read: (i carry what is most precious of me hidden deep within)

A couple of posts ago I mentioned that I was updating my mailing list- thank you to those who emailed me about being added to the mailing list. My husband, aka my web master, just created a form page on guerzonmills.com so that it can all be inputted very easily.

I will use my blog to make announcements of course, but if you would also like to receive postcard announcements for shows or events in the mail, please go ahead and sign up!

This week I have been wrapping everything up. I still have 4 little paintings that are drying. But other than that, things are getting crossed off my to-do list. All the sides of canvases that needed painting, are painted. Paintings that needed to be framed, are framed. All paintings have been wired up. All paintings have been signed and titled on the back of the canvases. (I should start doing this right when the painting is done) All the paintings have been inputted into Working Artist database. Diagram of how show is to be hung is done. Am I missing something?? I am sure I am.

Next comes packing up all the paintings to head over to Florida. Procrastinating a bit over that one for different reasons:
1) packing the paintings means that I am officially done and letting my babies go on to the next part of their journey
2) that freaks me out just a tad bit
3) the actual task of packing them up is really daunting
4) shipping is going to be expensive…

I am a self-taught artist, this is all new to me! Being self-taught when it comes to creating means being self-taught when comes to the business side of things. But that’s life, I suppose. Just learning as I go.


  1. Best of luck for your show. Your work is beautiful and beautifully framed. I love artwork involving birds,nests and houses. Cheers to being a self-taught artist! I wonder if there is a blog ring for self-taught artists out there.

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