infinite capacity

 |  April 28, 2008

infinite capacity, mixed media and encaustic cover
of a 5×7 inch blank journal

I couldn’t take it anymore and called my doctor this morning as soon as they opened. I love the receptionists there, they are the sweetest and they were able to get me in today. Turns out I have had walking pneumonia these past 2 months. No wonder I felt so terrible! I have just felt so run-down and no energy and the coughing…bah! Now with my medicine I know I can get back to my normal self. I can’t wait.

The journal above is another encaustic mixed media piece created on a panel. The dock image was from a day trip out to Whidbey Island several years ago. I took it with a manual camera using black and white film. I have gotten so used to the immediate gratification of digital cameras and then working on the photos on the computer, that I can’t imagine dropping film off anymore and that feeling of anticipation when picking up the pictures days later.

Due to our impending migration to the midwest, I’ve started the packing process. To help lighten the load I have decided to post some of my paintings to my etsy shop. I am not charging shipping and handling as a special deal. Go see! I will be adding a few more in the next few weeks.


  1. by Shari on April 28, 2008  5:59 pm Reply

    Walking pneumonia!?!? Geesh... glad you went to the doctor and have started medication. I hope you're feeling better SOON! Love these latest journals and your images, by the way. You pictures always hold so much possibility. Hugs, Shari

  2. by Valaine on April 28, 2008  7:32 pm Reply

    This is absolutely stunning!!! I love the patterns made by the railings and how they lead down further into the picture :)

    I'm sorry to read about your sickness, hope you get well soon.

  3. by Raine K on April 29, 2008  12:05 am Reply

    OMG! Pneumonia! Yuck! Get better fast!
    Love the new journal cover. Quiet yet strong image.

  4. by Anonymous on April 29, 2008  10:35 am Reply

    What the heck??!!!! So glad you finally went to the doctor. I actually did the same thing last year. I kept thinking that the bad cough would go away. I was like "mind over matter". I finally went to the doctor and found out that I had pneumonia too! UUGGG! Sometimes mind over matter doesn't work when you really just need some good antibiotics and rest. Rest as best as you can...I know it's hard with a little one but may be you can nap when he naps. Love you!
    Call me when you get a chance.

  5. by shebaduhkitty on April 29, 2008  11:17 pm Reply

    YIKES! SOrry to hear you have been walking around so sick! I had that for 2 months last year... but fighting it with meds and time off the whole time. I hope it clears up quickly for you

  6. by San on April 30, 2008  10:05 am Reply

    Walking pneumonia? Horrors! And still doing stunning work. And packing for a big move.

    You're a wonder, woman.

  7. by smith kaich jones on April 30, 2008  1:35 pm Reply

    Bridgette - Amazing that you could continue to do such beautiful work while so very sick! I had this 3 years ago, and it just knocked me for a loop. Thank goodness you found out before your move, so you can be all better by then. Take care, girl! And remember it's always okay to slow down if you need to. Stillness . . . .


  8. by bridgette on April 30, 2008  6:05 pm Reply

    Thanks you all for your comments and well wishes for recovery. I'm feeling a little better.

    Debi- good advice!! :)

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