|  December 17, 2007


I am a firm believer in the practice of creativity. What I mean by that is that we tap into our creativity by constantly doing it. Even if you don’t feel like it. Even if you feel like you are empty. You come to the table/easel/computer and just start. In my experience I have found that when I commit myself to practice, then it becomes easier.

If you’ve ever played the piano or an instrument then it makes sense. You practice and practice until your fingers have memorized the piece. Even now, years and years since my last hated piano lesson, I can still play pieces. My fingers know what to do. It’s the same thing with art, I believe. Something about practice makes coming to the canvas similar to your fingers hitting the keys. Instinct takes over.

I’m talking about this because I have fallen out of practice. With all that life demands I don’t get to the canvas everyday. So when Sunday rolls around and my studio day is before me…I feel anxious. Rusty. A little scared. My fingers feel stiff and unsure.

So I’ve decided to start each studio day with a simple collage in my journal. I have been inspired by visual journalers like the amazing Mary Ann Moss and the recent blog entries by Sculptress Studio. I always like to start my studio day with a journal entry- to clear my mind, state my intentions for the day, etc. Now I will add to the journal entry a simple collage to flex those creative muscles. A pre-workout, in a sense.

The photo above was today’s entry. I used a piece of left over torn image from a photocopy that I had used for an encaustic transfer. Glued down a torn dictionary page. then just doodled around with acylics and pens. I did have to use some fine pumice gel on top of the paint so that I could write on top. I still have yet to find the perfect pen for writing on top of acrylics. I hear Pitt pens are good as well as Copic markers.


  1. by cherylol on December 17, 2007  9:17 am Reply

    I love this idea Bridgette. I am going to start doing this myself! Your entry is beautiful.

  2. by d. on December 17, 2007  10:06 am Reply



  3. by Leah on December 17, 2007  11:24 am Reply

    i so agree about the practice part. and your journal entry is so lovely!!

  4. by Amber @ on December 17, 2007  2:34 pm Reply

    This page is gorgeous!

  5. by jenw on December 17, 2007  5:12 pm Reply

    yum. there is something so elemental about monotone with a touch of red. I need to work in a visual journal more often.

  6. by Tara Finlay on December 17, 2007  6:03 pm Reply

    Beautiful page - really exquisite - and I need to print out what you wrote about practice and pin it to my forehead. Maybe if I crumpled it up and ate it? I mean, I already KNOW I have to do this. I just need to DO it. I need to do it.

  7. by bridgette on December 17, 2007  10:43 pm Reply

    thanks for all your comments. It was a really great exercise for me and I really forsee this as becoming routine for me for starting a session in the studio.

    Tara-you crack me up! It's hard to do especially when there are so many demands on your time and energy with work, people, everyday life. But it can be a release too if you are able to manage it.

  8. by thealteredpage on December 18, 2007  1:15 am Reply

    fantastic page! you had posted so many wonderful journal pages earlier on the blog, it is great to see you back at it.

  9. by tlc illustration on December 19, 2007  8:56 pm Reply

    I love artist's journals - yet never seem to be able to prioritize it as part of my day.... How long did you (or do you intend to) spend on it as a daily practice?

  10. by bridgette on December 19, 2007  11:47 pm Reply

    thanks tlc for stopping by my blog-I actually can't do visual journal entries every day. Well, maybe I could if like you said, I made it a priority. But right now, it's too tough! But I am going to make it a practice to start my studio sessions with a visual journal entry. That is definitely manageable!

  11. by Paula Scott on December 20, 2007  2:04 am Reply

    I can sure relate to what you are saying here. Funny how certain brushes that you've used the most, you know how to make them do what you want. Some of those brushes are like really old friends. Somehow or other, this ramble fits in with your missive...

  12. by Erin on December 23, 2007  1:51 am Reply

    thank you for the mention (twice!)
    This is a lovely journal entry, nice to see another facet of your work.

  13. by Robin on December 26, 2007  12:57 pm Reply

    I am a giant fan of art journals and this page is just awesome. Thanks too for the reminder to just keep going, going, going. You rock.

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