|  March 6, 2006

memoria, mixed media and oil, 24 x24 inches

This is the first of several paintings that I have been working on. Going larger from the small 4x4s that I have been working on. Going larger, much larger was quite an experience. At first it wasn’t quite working. And I had to let it sit and just let it be for a while. It’s all a process. Learning from mistakes. Taking detours. Feeling a little lost for a moment. But it all works out in the end. Hopefully.

Had a hard time photographing this. It’s coming out so much darker on my monitor than it is in real life. It is a dark piece, but not quite this dark!


  1. by Corey Moortgat on March 7, 2006  12:40 pm Reply

    Gorgeous! Will you be listing it on Ebay??

  2. by bridgette on March 7, 2006  11:38 pm Reply

    Thanks for your interest! Right now I am not planning on putting it on ebay. But I will let you know if I will. Thanks again!

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