mother and

 |  September 21, 2005

mother and child, mixed media, 6×8 inches

day 8!
Today’s piece includes: packing tape transfer, music sheet, acrylics, gold lead Rub ‘n Buff, beeswax, crayon, ink, ribbon, and beads. oh, and one nail.

First time I used that rub n buff stuff. I really like the effect. The sheen doesn’t get translated in the scan, but it looks really cool in person. I had intended to nail in these cool little black nails that I bought at the hardware store the other day. But it wasn’t quite working out so I pulled them out- all except one! It’s still in there. I couldn’t get it out. But what to do with the holes left by the other nails?? Answer: beads! With copper wire and greenish beads I outlined the gold around the madonna and child. Learned that trick from Karen Michel at artfest last year.

This morning I thought to myself, maybe I should cut this aaad short and end it this week because I’m running dry…But I will chug on. I already have 2 panels from last week bound up as journals and they just feel good in my hands. That is my incentive.

Bound journal here amanobooks


  1. by donab on September 23, 2005  10:12 am Reply

    I like this one a lot (I've liked them all, but I have a soft spot for Madonna images).

    When you use these for journals, do you use two, or just one on the front and somehting different on the back? What do you use for the back cover? I've thought about using collages this way for book covers, but I always seem to get stuck on the idea that I have to make two that match. :)

    Good for you for pushing on...

  2. by bridgette on September 23, 2005  8:18 pm Reply

    Thanks Dona- These journals have canvas panel for covers. The back cover I just paint a color that goes with the front cover. But no imagery. It would be too much work to do 2 matching covers!! I would never get any done!;)

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