musica, maestro!

 |  October 8, 2008

My intuitive painting class last night was so much fun. We had a surprise guest from the Fifth House Ensemble. He played music for us which we had to react to with paint. We warmed up first with just black ink. Then we added color. I have never painted like this before and it was a really great experience for me. I painted abstracts! And I actually like them. Adam took a picture of us painting which you can see at Fifth House Ensemble blog.

The last piece we listened to was 22 minutes long, the longest we heard, and I ended up painting an abstract which in the end kind of looked like a lake. At least in my head it started to look like a lake. The piece sounded a little melancholy. As I laid my colors down I felt a deepening in the music. Layers of depth. Some sorrow and calm. Turns out that the piece was about a lake. How intuitive is that?! ha!

I don’t have any of my paintings I created because they are going to use our paintings during their concert that takes place this weekend. The show information is on their web site. Unfortunately I don’t think I will be able to make it. It would be neat to see our paintings up on a huge projection screen behind the musicians.

I am definitely going to develop these exercises into larger paintings later. Have I mentioned how glad I am that I signed up for this class? I am going to be sad when it’s over!


  1. by Binky on October 9, 2008  12:46 pm Reply

    That sounds like a very cool school. What a great idea.

    The cold and rain has come.

  2. by Carmen on October 9, 2008  1:13 pm Reply

    Bridgette, I think that class sounds so amazing! How fun. Glad you're enjoying it.

  3. by Michelle on October 9, 2008  7:23 pm Reply

    How fun! What a great way to explore your creativity!

  4. by tangled sky studio on October 10, 2008  3:33 pm Reply

    What an amazing experience with the live music...i really enjoy painting with music playing really loudly. i'm not sure why but i think it keeps me from over thinking and allows my ideas to flow more freely. Anyways thanks for writing about the class i may have to sign up for this one!

  5. by Paula Scott on October 10, 2008  4:01 pm Reply

    I really enjoy painting abstracts; Patricia Seggebruch got me tapped into that mode. Isn't it amazing too how the music you listen to moves the work along in its own way?
    Still wishing I had that painting class here!

  6. by paulanm on October 10, 2008  5:39 pm Reply

    Boy oh boy, I'm with Paula Scott, I would love to attend a painting class like

    At some point you are going to post photos, right? I for one would like to enjoy them here at your blog. Do think about it. A little one woman show !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You could name your day and time and we could all show up at our computers with a class of wine, a snack, and pretend we are at your opening.....I think that would be fun......

  7. by machinarex on October 12, 2008  2:19 pm Reply

    See, tings like this are why I miss living in the bigger cities, I have to say.

  8. by smith kaich jones on October 12, 2008  6:43 pm Reply

    I have such trouble listening to music while painting because I can't tune the music out. Maybe I'm approaching that in the wrong way. Maybe I should stop fighting it. I loved what Tangled Sky said about it possibly keeping you from overthinking, which I do until I'm crazy! :) I have not been able to actually produce anything worthwhile in forever - I am going to try this approach. Wish me luck!

    :) Debi

    OH! And the 1st 3 letters I have to type in to the security box to post this comment are FUN! I take that as a sign!

  9. by Kim Hambric on October 12, 2008  7:57 pm Reply

    Music is such a part of my work. I would love to see the results of your painting to music. Will you show us?

  10. by Jeannine on October 14, 2008  3:30 pm Reply

    Your class sounds so interesting! I wish we had something like that available here.

    I love the idea of reacting to music with paint. Might have to try this at home.


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