no trespassing

 |  October 31, 2006

I took the photo of the lock and chains in an alleyway in Fremont. Dumpster inspiration. This panel is another one that I had started a long time ago as well. It’s becoming clear to me that I had so many panels that have been waiting for me these past few months!

no trespassing, mixed media, 6×8 inches

Bound journal is available at amanobooks

When I started reworking this I knew that I wanted to mimic the urban feel of the lock and chain and the rust spots that were part of the dumpster. So I did that with paints and medium, but it still did not have that edge that I wanted. So I attached a nail wrapped in wire as well as some dark metal grommet type things. Then I knew it was done.


  1. by Jess on October 31, 2006  6:44 pm Reply

    I really like this one. You have achieved the dumpster look with all the little elements combined.

  2. by cootiegarage on November 2, 2006  12:38 am Reply

    This is fantastic. The rust/paint things works great. Well done!

  3. by Roben-Marie on November 2, 2006  5:24 pm Reply

    I truly love this! I am so inspired by your "thoughful" work!

  4. by Michelle on December 5, 2006  10:55 pm Reply

    I really wanted to get this journal... but by the time I was able to order it, someone had already gotten it...
    I love it though...

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