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 |  February 3, 2011

Well, I am not actually out and about as I am stuck inside due to the Blizzard of 2011 that hit Chicago just the other day. For me it wasn’t so bad, I was home and had no where that I needed to go. Frigid temperatures are now the issue, so I’m still home, but keeping toasty in my studio today heating up the palette and getting a few projects done and other paintings started.

But I am happy to share that I have some artwork that is out and about, even if I’m not! If you are in Louisville, KY on February 13th- one of my encaustic paintings, “Of Living Root” was selected to be part of the Water Tower Regional Exhibit at the Louisville Visual Arts Association.

Of Living Root
encaustic and mixed media
9×12 inches

Water Tower Regional Exhibit
Opening Reception: February 13, 2011
Exhibition Dates: February 13 – April 10, 2011

Louisville Visual Arts Association
3005 River Rd
Louisville, KY 40207

I am also thrilled to announce that two of my encaustic paintings were selected for the “Playing With Fire” exhibition taking place at the Tubac Center of the Arts in Tubac, AZ. The painting below is one of the paintings that will be in Arizona.

Born of Earth and Bone
10×10 inches

Opening Reception: March 18, 2011
Exhibition Dates: March 18 – May 1, 2011

Tubac Center of the Arts
POB 1911, 9 Plaza Rd
Tubac, AZ 85646

A few months ago I was fortunate enough to have worked on a few pages in Chicago artist and fellow FusedChicago member Jenny Learner’s book for a project called The Travelling Journal Project. Jenny’s book consisted of colorful, playful pages with pop-outs and encaustic paint. I really enjoyed working in her book and painting with encaustics in a bound book. Jenny’s book was on display at Reflections Gallery, Finlandia University, Hancock MI Jan. 10th-30th 2011.

one of the spreads I did in Jenny’s book
encaustic and mixed media

Denise Funfsinn, another FusedChicago member, also participated in this project as well as Jackie Hefty of Whispering Woodlands art retreats in WI.

I was going to post about the recent FusedChicago meeting, but this post is getting too long already! It was a wonderful and inspiring meeting at Kathleen Waterloo’s studio. She gave a demo of her techniques and it is always such a treat to see people in action. Here is a photo that I took that I just love:

heated palette of encaustic paints at Kathleen Waterloo’s studio


  1. by Denise on February 3, 2011  7:09 pm Reply

    Congratulations, Bridgette, on the shows in Kentucky and Arizona! Thanks for the mention in Jenny Learner's traveling journal too!

  2. by Liz Hampton-Derivan Studio on February 3, 2011  7:40 pm Reply

    Yay! Glad to hear your work will be in Tubac. That means I'll get to see it in person. Will you be coming out for the opening?

    Keep warm.

  3. by layers on February 3, 2011  8:55 pm Reply

    congrats on getting art works out and about-- out of the studio-- wonderful encaustics too.

  4. by Poetic Artist on February 3, 2011  9:52 pm Reply

    Congrats on the shows..I could drive to Louisville..Sounds like a good reason for a road trip..If it would just warm up...

  5. by Mirjana Cesar on February 4, 2011  8:51 am Reply

    Beautiful work.
    Congratulations on exhibits!

  6. by La Dolce Vita on February 4, 2011  10:53 am Reply

    congrats, and these are beautiful.

  7. by Seth on February 4, 2011  12:03 pm Reply

    Congratulations to you Bridgette. What a great way to begin a new year!

  8. by Oxana on February 4, 2011  4:37 pm Reply

    These are gorgeous!!!!

  9. by Evie on February 5, 2011  7:03 am Reply

    All I can say is WOW - your encaustics are so beautiful - and congrats on your work being selected for exhibitions!! I can see why!

  10. by Kelly Jeanette on February 5, 2011  10:39 pm Reply

    Congrats on the shows. Good to see you are busy even while not being able to get out.
    Beautiful works. I especially love the first one. Wish I could get to Ky to see it in person.

  11. by Susana Tavares on February 8, 2011  7:05 pm Reply

    I´m so glad I found your inspirational art work :) Wonderful!!!!!!!

  12. by Kerri on February 13, 2011  12:47 am Reply

    Wow those dark grasses in your painting really take my breath away! But then all your paintings do to be honest. I'm a little jealous of the people who will see them in the exhibitions :)

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